Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty morale system explained

The blindfolded boy in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The blindfolded boy in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty morale system will heavily impact your time with the game, but you may not fully understand it for a while. If you know how to use it, you can make everything just a bit easier. Here's how it works.

As well as going over what it is, in this Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty guide we'll explain through how to raise your morale system, ways you can lose it, and how it benefits you to keep an eye on it.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty morale system explained

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the difficulty of enemies around you is dependent on your morale. This is the small number just above your health. As you go into a map, it starts at 0, where it is upgraded through combat and by claiming flags. Marking flags are small indicators that raise your minimum morale by one, and battle flags are places you can heal that increase your minimum morale by 3.

Any time an enemy hits you with an unblockable attack you lost one morale, but you can earn it back quickly by slaying enemies. If you are killed by an enemy, that enemy has higher morale on next respawn, but you get most of your morale back by taking them down. In this sense, it works similarly to the nemesis sytem in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

The Morale system in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
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How to raise morale in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

As you lose your morale upon death, getting all the flags around the battlefield will make you lose morale with each subsequent death. Generally, if you collect every flag, you will have 15 to 20 morale going into a boss fight without upgrading your morale first. If you want to make bosses a little easier, you should farm enemies to get your morale up to 25.

You can get items later on in the game, but the best way of raising your morale and levelling your character up is through grinding. If you bring a companion along with you, you can raise their oath level for a few extra bonuses.

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