Elden Ring: Sacred Tear Locations

A player facing a boss atop Torrent in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is home to a vast, haunting world, known as The Lands Between. Throughout your adventure as Tarnished, you'll be tasked with troubling boss fights and enemies, all while upgrading your stats and gear, so you need not succumb during combat.

Throughout The Lands Between, you'll want to pay attention to your Sacred Flasks, as these can often make or break a troublesome battle with a hostile enemy. You can acquire Golden Seeds to increase how many Sacred Flasks you actually have, meanwhile, Sacred Tears can be collected to increase how much your Flasks will actually be replenished by.

But, where can you find Sacred Tears? In this guide, we name a few locations where Sacred Tears can be found in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Locations

Courtesy of our friends at MapGenie, you can view the locations of Sacred Tears in Elden Ring using the fully-customisable map above. Sacred Tears can typically be found at church ruins, however, we've named a few Sacred Tear locations below.

  • Fourth Church of Marika
  • Callu Baptismal Church
  • Church of Pilgrimage
  • Third Church of Marika
  • Church of Plague
  • Church of Irith
  • Bellum Church
  • Second Church of Marika
  • Church of Repose
  • First Church of Marika

How to Use Sacred Tears in Elden Ring

To use one of your Sacred Tears in Elden Ring is easy. All you need to do is take yourself to a nearby Site of Grace and select 'Flasks' from the menu, rather than resting or levelling up. Then, choose to 'Increase amount replenished by flasks' to use your Sacred Tear and upgrade your Sacred Flasks!

Those are some Sacred Tear Locations to help you get started in Elden Ring! For more on the game, take a look at how you can farm for Runes, where to get Larval Tears, and each Boss that you'll encounter around The Land Between.

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