Elden Ring: Golden Seed Locations

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A player atop Torrent overlooking The Lands Between in Elden Ring.

In Elden Ring, you'll rely on your Crimson Flasks and Flasks of Cerulaean Tears to restore your HP and FP during battle. You'll come to rely on these during challenging fights and at other crucial moments. So, it's somewhat vital to know how you can get more of these.

To increase the amount of Flasks that you have available to you in Elden Ring, you'll need to find Golden Seeds across The Lands Between. Golden Seeds are a consumable item that can be used at Sites of Grace. Once consumed, your Flasks may be upgraded so that you can get more use from them.

Without further ado, we've detailed a handful of areas where you can find Golden Seeds in Elden Ring. These can make or break your battle against a stubborn boss, so, be sure to seek some out when you can.

Elden Ring Golden Seed Locations

Courtesy of our friends at MapGenie, you can view the locations of Golden Seeds in Elden Ring using the map above. However, we've detailed a few Golden Seed locations below, as not all of them are simply lying around for you to find!

Fringefolk Hero's Grave

At the beginning of Elden Ring and before you advance towards the Church of Elleh, players who chose a Stonesword Key as their Keepsake can unlock the Fringefolk Hero's Grave dungeon. After a troublesome journey downwards, you can face the Ulcerated Tree Spirit who will drop a Golden Seed upon defeat.

This dungeon isn't advisable to face as you first enter the game. Instead, return with the help of a summoned friend, or level up your character first.


As you make your way toward Stormveil Castle, you have to venture through Stormgate and take on an unruly Storm Troll first. Once this is out of the way, however, you can advance further and soon enough, you'll be able to find a Golden Seed to your right.

Stormveil Castle

Once you've faced Margit the Fell Omen and have finally entered the grounds of Stormveil Castle, you'll eventually meet Nepheli (prior to facing Godrick the Grafted). Nearby to this and the Secluded Cell Site of Grace, you should see another glowing tree where a Golden Seed can be found.

Fort Height

In Mistwood, directly in front of the entrance to Fort Height, you can find yet another Golden Seed. You can also find a Smithing Stone south of here, if clearing Fort Haight of hostiles doesn't go to plan...

Roderika's Task

Roderika can be found at Stormhill Shack, and this quest is vital for unlocking the ability to use Ashes. So, it's worth embarking on this one regardless of the Golden Seed up for grabs! After speaking with Roderika, you will need to find and return the Chrysalid's Note. As a reward, you'll get a Golden Seed (and Roderika will open a shop for upgrading Ashes!)

Those are some Golden Seed Locations to help get you started in Elden Ring! For more on the game, take a look at how you can farm for Runes, and each Boss that you'll encounter around The Land Between.

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