All Elden Ring Bosses and Boss Locations

A player faces a heavily-armoured boss in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring isn't too long of a wait away, and it's understandable that many players want to get a head start and prepare themselves for the hauntingly beautiful world that they're going to be stepping into. Crafted by game director Hidetaka Miyazaki, with writing from award-winning novelist George R.R. Martin, we're all expecting the game to be one of the best of 2022.

To be as prepared as possible, you'll want to think about which of the ten classes you'll be, and which weapons you'd like to master in light of this. More importantly, though, you probably want to prepare yourself for each boss across Elden Ring and their weaknesses.

In this guide, we've explained all the bosses you can expect to bump into across Elden Ring, as well as their locations, the loot they drop, and a handful of tips for battling them. This information is based off the recent Network Test, and we'll be sure to update this page with further bosses and information about them when we have it.

Elden Ring Bosses List

Two players face the Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring.
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Stonedigger Troll

Location: Limgrave Tunnels

Drop: Dragonscale Blade

The Stonedigger Troll is an optional boss, but for those he want the Dragonscale Blade, defeating the troll is a must. This troll has a large AoE for its attacks, so players will need to be prepared to dodge them. Additionally, due to attacks bouncing off the troll, players will be unable to combo attacks and must focus on high-damage single attacks.

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Margit The Fell Omen

Location: Stormhill

Drop: 8,000 Runes

Margit The Fell Omen is not an optional boss, and players must defeat Margit if they want to move forward to the Legacy Dungeon. It is recommended that players use Lone Wolf Ashes to distract Margit so that they can deal damage using spells or melee attacks. Margit will also do a leaping lunge attack using their hammer; this provides an opportunities for players to roll through the leap and deal some damage.

Burial Tree Watchdog

Location: Stormfoot Catacombs

Drop: 800 Runes, Glintsword Arch

The Burial Tree Watchdog is an optional boss that shouldn't feel too difficult, especially for those who have Northern Mercenary Ashes. The two things to take note of are to be wary of their fire-breathing attack, and to run away from their plunge attacks rather than blocking. The fire attacks have an incredibly long range, and the repeated plunge attacks can deal damage even if you block, so it's safer to dodge or run away.

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Bloodhound Knight Darriwil

Location: Forlon Hound Evergaol

Drop: 1,400 Runes, Barricade Shield

The Bloodhound Knight Darriwil is an optional boss, but they're worth taking on due the fact that they drop the Barricade Shield. This fight will make a rather difficult one though, due to the fact that this boss is incredibly aggressive and is capable of going invisible. It's a safe bet to leave your shield up whenever Darriwil attacks, and to only attack once or twice when the opportunity arises or else you run the risk of trading damage.

Beastman of Farum Azula

Location: Groveside Cave

Drop: 800 Runes, Viridian Amber Medallion

The Beastman of Farum Azula is an optional boss, and isn't one of the most difficult bosses you'll be up against. It's best to bait the Beastman into a full combo of attacks and then hitting him before backing off. Backing off and blocking is very important as his attacks drain stamina.

A player with a spear is on a horse facing Elden Ring boss, the Flying Dragon Agheel.
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Flying Dragon Agheel

Location: Dragon-Burnt Ruins

Drop: 3,600 Runes, Dragon Heart

Flying Dragon Agheel is an optional boss, but who doesn't love trying to slay a dragon? This fight is extremely difficult, so it is recommended to use Spirit Summons or multiplayer when trying to combat this dragon. Using Northern Mercenary Ashes will also be worthwhile, while the Beast Claw is ineffective.

Grave Warden

Location: Murkwater Catacombs

Drop: 1,200 Runes, Stormblade

The Grave Warden is an optional boss, and the use of Northern Mercenary Ashes will make this fight easy. The Warden deals a lot fo stamina damage, so it's important to try and dodge or back away from his attacks where possible, especially when he uses his wide AoE attacks.

Tree Sentinel

Location: Limgrave Road

Drop: 2,900 Runes, Holy Ground

The Tree Sentinel is an optional boss, but for those who are new to FromSoftware games, it's recommended to not try tackling this particularly boss straight away. All of the Tree Sentinel's attacks have various timings, making him difficult to predict, but players can fight him from horseback or using a bow if they find that easier.

Pumpkin Head

Location: Post Town Remains

Drop: 1,000 Runes, Pumpkin Helm

The Pumpkin Head is an optional boss, and fighting him can be made easy using Northern Mercenary Ashes if you have any. Aside from that, it is recommended to roll through his attacks as he moves forward, allowing players to end up behind him and then deal some easy damage.

Demi-Human Chief

Location: Dissenter's Cave

Drop: 900 Runes

The Demi-Human chief is an optional boss who has other Demi-Humans around him. It is important to try and clear them out first with ranged attacks or spells to make the fight much easier. Players can hit the Chief repeatedly to make him stagger and give them the opportunity to deal additional damage, and Spirit Summons or multiplayer will make the fight much easier.

Lion Guardian

Location: Stormveil Castle

Drop: 1,138 Runes

The Lion Guardian is an optional boss who is extremely difficult to face. Spirit Summons will be useless against this boss, so you're gonna have to take him on your own. It's recommended that players initially sneak up on the Lion to get a free hit, then use the pillars following that to create a separation between themselves and the Lion. Most of the Lion's attacks will also have a delayed extra attack, so be sure to watch out for this and only attack when you think it's safe.

A Many Armed Key Master in Elden Ring.
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Many Armed Key Master

Location: Stormveil Castle

Drop: 965 Runes, Rusty Key

We don't know for certain as to whether the Many Armed Key Master is an optional boss or not, as it appears players must beat the Master before they can advance further into the Legacy Dungeon. Players will need to block against the Master, so it's important to try and have a good shield to hand before this fight. This boss also causes Madness Build Up, so players must back away whenever he screams, and generally keep their distance whenever they can due to the long attack combos this boss has.

Soldier of Godrick

Location: Fringefolk Hero's Grave

Drop: 320 Runes

The Soldier of Godrick is an optional boss, and he is easy to defeat. Players won't have any special items to hand before they run into the arena that Soldier of Godrick lurks in, but they don't need to worry about this. All players need to do is keep in mind that the Soldier uses vertical attacks, so it's best to dodge his attacks horizontally.

Those are all of the bosses across Elden Ring that we have encountered so far. We'll update this space with further information as soon as we have it, so be sure to check back soon. In the meantime, check out how Elden Ring is related to Dark Souls, how multiplayer will work, and finally, whether the title is going to have Bonfires or not.

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