Elden Ring Smithing Stone Locations

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Elden Ring is finally out, offering a clever twist on the classic Souls formula. The map is bigger this time around, and much more open, with huge stretches of rolling hills hiding deep underground caverns. There are fiendish bosses to defeat, otherworldly vistas to take in, and plenty of dodging and rolling.

If you want to make it through the game alive, you will need to make sure to upgrade your weapons regularly. For normal weapons and shields, you'll need Smithing Stones to upgrade to the next level. Smithing Stones come in different levels themselves, allowing for weapons to be pushed even further.


We've detailed some early locations in Elden Ring where you'll find Smithing Stones. These are all accessible once you've entered West Limgrave, after the brief tutorial section.

Elden Ring Smithing Stones

Smithing Stones are rare items that can be found all over The Lands Between. They can be used at Smithing Tables to upgrade regular weapons and shields. They also come in different tiers or levels, each allowing you to push your weapons further. Here's a table showing how Smithing Stones work:

Item Effect
Smithing Stone [1]Reinforces weapons to +5
Smithing Stone [2]Reinforces weapons to +6
Smithing Stone [3]Reinforces weapons to +9
Smithing Stone [4]Reinforces weapons to +12
Smithing Stone [5]Reinforces weapons to +15
Smithing Stone [6]Reinforces weapons to +18
Smithing Stone [7]Reinforces weapons to +21
Smithing Stone [8]Reinforces weapons to +24
Smithing Stone [9]Reinforces weapons to +25

Smithing Stone Locations

There are two places you can get Smithing Stones early on in Elden Ring. We've detailed them below, though be aware that we recommend having a +1 weapon, and a few levels under your belt, before proceeding.

Location of the Stormhill statue shown on a map of West Limgrave

Stormhill Statue

The first place to check for Smithing Stones is Stormhill. This area sits above the gate where you receive Torrent for the first time. You can either push through the main gate, battling until you come across a path to the right, or you can use the Spirit Spring to the Northeast of the gate. We've marked the locations of the Spirit Spring, and gate above.

Riding a horse next to the Stormhill Statue

Once you've reached Stormhill you need to look for a statue that has a crack in it that's emanating golden light. The goal here is to lure one of the Stone Trolls in the area towards the statue, and getting them to break it. This is fairly easy to do, given that they are easy to dodge and will throw stones in your direction from a distance. Inside the statue, you will find five Smithing Stone [1] items and a Smithing Stone [2] item.

Limgrave Tunnels entrance marked on a map of West Limgrave

Limgrave Tunnels

The next place to check out is Limgrave Tunnels. This area can be found near Lake Agheel. We've included a screenshot of its location below.

Head inside the mine and look for gold-glistening ore deposits on the walls. Breaking them will give you Smithing Stones. There are a number in this area, with some being found on corpses. A Torch can really help illuminate the darker caves, so bring one along!

A Prisoner standing next to a golden glowing ore. They are holding a torch. Text reads: 'Acquire Materials'

Once you've collected enough Smithing Stones, head back to the table at the ruined church to use them. Upgrading your weapons is key to tackling later enemies, regardless of your Class build,

That's all you need to know about getting Smithing Stones in Elden Ring. We'll update this guide with more locations as we find them. For now, be sure to check out our guide on beating Margit the Fell Omen. Once you're done there, here's how to get the Spirit Calling Bell.