Does Wild Hearts have cross-save or cross-progression?

picture of a monster in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is a brand new action RPG that has a lot of anticipation around it, eyeballing the 'hunter' genre as a way in. With its competition generally having hundreds of hours worth of content, there's one thing to wonder: does Wild Hearts have cross save? Well, read on and we'll tell you. If there's one thing that makes putting hundreds of hours into a game easier, it's being able to carry on wherever you are.

There are plenty of benefits to having cross-save and cross-progression. The big one is that it allows you to change up which platform you play the game on, while keeping the same save. In a game that's all about grinding for the gear you need to take on bigger and badder foes, fluidity is key.

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Does Wild Hearts have cross-save or cross-progression?

Wild Hearts is slated to come out on nearly all major consoles. This includes Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC. That being said, the game unfortunately does not support cross-save or cross-progression across devices outside of a specific platform. That means you won't be able to play your Xbox save on PS5 or vice-versa.

What you can do, though, is play the game on a Series S and Series X console. So long as you log in using the same account, the systems will do their usual magic to sync your save. Likewise, so long as you have a compatible PS+ membership, you'll be able to sync your save between Playstation systems. You just won't be able to hop from Xbox to Playstation and back again.

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