Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monsters list - All monsters in Update 4

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Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise.
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After almost a year on the market (on Nintendo Switch, at least) the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion is here to add a bunch of new story content, monsters, and cool new wirebug-related tricks to your beast-brawling repertoire at the end of June.

Since its initial reveal, Capcom has announced almost every monster we expect to see in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak at launch. It's even revealed the first few post-launch monsters as well. Down below, you'll see a breakdown of which new creatures you can expect to see, where they popped up before, and whether or not they're heavily tweaked versions of monsters you may have fought before.


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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monsters list - All confirmed monsters for Update 4

Monster Last Seen
Gore/Shagaru MagalaMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate
EspinasMonster Hunter Frontier
Pyre Rakna-KadakiNever (subspecies of Rakna-Kadaki from Monster Hunter: Rise)
LunagaronNew (subspecies of Odogaron from Monster Hunter: World)
MalzenoNew (Elder Dragon)
Shogun CeanataurMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate
Scorned MagnamaloNew (sub-species of Magnamalo from Monster Hunter: Rise)
Furious RajangMonster Hunter World: Iceborne
SeregiosMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate
AstalosMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate
Aurora SomnacanthNew (sub-species of Somnacanth from Monster Hunter Rise)
Magna AlmudronNew (sub-species of Almudron from Monster Hunter Rise)
Blood Orange BishatenNew (sub-species of Bishaten from Monster Hunter Rise)
Daimyo HermitaurMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Just a few short months ago, the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak monster list was looking a little light at around six new hunts.


Some of these were relatively simple sub-species additions and returning pests from previous games, but Capcom did make an effort to reveal Malzeno: the game's flagship creature.


Lunagaron on a black background. Ice variant of the Odogaron monster.

First off we have Lunagaron, which will be a brand new monster to Monster Hunter Rise, and the series as a whole. It does look to be an ice variant of Odogaron, which used bleed damage to torment players in previous games.



Malzeno, the new monster being added as part of Monster Hunter Sunbreak. It's a red Elder Dragon, with large wings and a spiked tail.

Sunbreak's flagship monster is Malzeno, a new Elder Dragon. It has been seen in both trailers released so far, flying high above hunters before crashing down for the kill. It's likely that Sunbreak's story will revolve around Malzeno in some ways, so prepare for a tough battle against a formidable winged opponent.

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Shogun Ceanataur

Shogun Ceanataur stands in front of a black background. It's a crab-like monster with mantis blades at the end of its claws

Finally, we have Shogun Ceanataur. This is actually a returning monster, having first appeared in Monster Hunter 2. It's new to Rise, however, bringing its crushing claws and tough outer shell into the fray. Expect to have to sharpen your blades and aim for weak spots while fighting this crab-like monster.

Daimyo Hermitaur

Similar to the Shogun Ceanatuar, this crustacean poses a risk to the impatient. It's a defense-heavy beast that can early deflect attacks using its gargantuan shell. Choose your timing carefully, however, and you stand to whack it right where it hurts: in its fleshy face. Take note of its rapid sideways movements and learn when to anticipate its bubble beam and you should come out on top.


Scorned Magnamalo

Already seen rocking a new ailment in the base game, Magnamalo returns as a Scorned sub-species that's sure to wreck you all over again. It was a real difficulty ramp in the base game, and you're going to need to polish those wirebug skills to face it again.

We'll keep adding more little explainers to this as time goes on. For now, though, just refer to the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak monster list to whet your appetite for the release.