Is Monster Hunter Rise Worth Buying? Review Roundup

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest title in the Monster Hunter series and aside from Generations, it's one of the only games from this franchise to make its way to the Switch. Not only that, but it's also a Nintendo Switch exclusive, though this could change over time. Being such a new release many players are likely a little on the fence when it comes to purchasing, especially if they aren't already a fan of Monster Hunter in general. So far, Rise seems to be getting a general thumbs up by most reviewing it. Below we've put together a list of multiple reviews, including their scoring, you can click the links to head to each site's article if you want to find out what lead to their score.

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Monster Hunter Rise Review Roundup

Destructoid - 9/10

Digital Trends - 4.5/5

GamesRadar - 4/5

GameSpot - 9/10

Game Informer - 7.75/10

IGN - 8/10

Nintendo Life - 9/10

RPG Site - 8/10

Shacknews - 9/10

TheGamer - 4.5/5

VG247 - 4/5

Vooks - 5/5

The game currently has a Metascore of 87, having only just released this is a pretty great starting point for the game. This score can fluctuate over time as more critics and players give their review of the title, but we have no doubt if anything it will 'rise', get it? We currently have our own review in the works and will be sure to update this piece once it's live!

If you're looking to find out more about Monster Hunter Rise, then we've got you covered. By clicking here you can find our walkthrough guide which lists everything we've covered on the title from weapons to buddies and more! If you're just starting out in the title, you might also want some beginner tips to get you started.

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