Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Xbox and PS4/5 release date COUNTDOWN

Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
January 27, 2023: We've adjusted the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release time countdown to reflect the upcoming Xbox/PlayStation launch.

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release time countdown below will help you set your sleep schedule for optimal monster hunting. This brand-new expansion to the base game adds a new setting, plenty of new and familiar monsters, and a new story to usher in at least another six months worth of content, so you'll want to get started as soon as possible.

Sunbreak is set to be a pretty meaty addition to Monster Hunter Rise, which already features hundreds of hours of monster hunting action. To help you keep track of what to expect from Sunbreak, we've created this guide and capped it off with a release time countdown for launch.

We'll keep adding information here as the roadmap fleshes out. For more on the game, our comprehensive Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough is worth a look. You'll need to see the credits roll on the base game to access the expansion after all. Check out the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monster list if you don't mind spoilers.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak release date countdown - Update 4 livestream

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Release Time

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak launched on June 30, 2022 for both Steam and Nintendo Switch, but the expansion won't launch on Xbox or Playstation platforms until Spring 2023.

With no certain date outlined just yet, the Sunbreak countdown above relates to the Update 4 livestream that might very well include the final Xbox and Playstation release date for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

The base game launched on both platforms in January 2023.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak platforms

Though Monster Hunter Rise released on Nintendo Switch and PC around six months apart from each other, both versions of the game will get the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion on the same day. There's no long gap again, but the PlayStation and Xbox players who had to wait another six months just to get the base game will have to wait again for this one.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Price

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion is close to a full-price release, setting players back over £30/$30 at launch.

It's pricey, but the expansive story, new monsters, locations, weapons, armour sets, and new moves alone should justify it. Furthermore, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak promises at least six months of post-release content as well.

A ship sails towards the port of Eldago. It's a clear day with calm sees.A monster flies around the shoreline in the distance.
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Where Is Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Set?

So far, we've seen a few different biomes and locales for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

First off is Eldago, which can be seen in the image above. It's a port that will serve as your main base of operations, like Kamura Village in the base game. In the first teaser trailer, we see a dark and rocky landscape, with tall ruins and a blood-red moon.

The second trailer showed off a snowy mountain range, home to Lunagaron. So far, that's all we know about where Sunbreak will be set. We'll add more information once it's released.

What's New in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

In addition to the new monsters, story and setting, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will add some new features. According to this Tweet by Capcom, we can expect the following:

  • New Stories
  • New Locales
  • New Monsters
  • New Hunting Actions
  • New Quest Rank

The 'New Hunting Actions' could mean a number of things, but we'd bet on it being new Switch Skills for certain weapons.

In terms of new quest ranks, this means G Rank (Master Rank) returning to the series. This will add the ultimate layer of difficulty to hunts, for only the best players to test their skills.

That's everything we know so far on Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. For more on Monster Hunter, be sure to check out our guide on the fastest ways to make money in Monster Hunter Rise. Elsewhere, there's our Monster Hunter Rise review if you want to hear our thoughts.

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