How to download the Warzone 2 Season 4 update fast

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Screenshot of Warzone 2 players dropping from sky onto Pagoda building on Ashika Island map
Credit: Activision
June 13, 2023: Season 4 is right around the corner and we've got some handy tips so you can download the new seasonal update as fast as possible.

Wondering how to download the Warzone 2 Season 4 update fast? We've got you covered. Season 4 of Warzone 2 is on the horizon and the last thing you want to be doing is watching the timer tick down when you could be dropping into the action.

The latest seasonal update sees the arrival of the Vondel map set in The Netherlands alongside a battle pass packed with all kinds of new content to unlock. Considering plenty of new arrivals are planned, there's a chance the update size takes up plenty of hard drive space.

Before we take a closer look at how to download the Warzone 2 update fast, take a look at our other guides showcasing the current meta and when the next double XP event takes place.

How to download the Warzone 2 Season 4 update fast

To ensure your download starts at the earliest possible opportunity, make sure you're online a few days before the update goes live. Typically, there's a small preloading window that allows you to download the update ahead of time, meaning there's no need to wait around.

Here's when you can expect the preload window to open:

  • June 13 at 6PM BST
  • June 13 at 7PM CEST
  • June 13 at 10AM PT

Of course, these times are subject to change and if they do, we'll update the guide with the latest intel.

Screenshot of Warzone 2 player aiming down the sights of a Tempus Torrent marksman rifle
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Credit: Activision

Put consoles in rest mode

For PlayStation and Xbox users, placing the console in rest mode ensures it prioritises the download rather than any additional applications working in the background. This means you'll have maximum bandwidth and the highest speed to download the Season 4 update as fast as possible.

If you're on PC, turn off any unnecessary processes to have the same effect as placing a console into rest mode.

Change DNS settings

Another proven technique to download Warzone 2 updates quickly involves a few simple adjustments to your DNS settings. Changing the primary DNS to and the secondary DNS to gives you access to Google's public DNS servers that sometimes offer faster speeds.

Restarting the router

Noticing a sudden drop off in download speed? A quick router reset could answer your problems when downloading the Warzone 2 Season 4 update. Switch it off and on again to see if there's a performance increase.

If not, we recommend moving your PC or console closer to the router to limit any potential interference with the download.


There you have it, follow these tips and tricks and you'll have the Warzone 2 Season 4 update downloaded in a flash. For more, don't forget to take a look at our guides highlighting the best SMG and the best Cronen Squall loadout for mid-range action.

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