Warzone 2 size - How big is the download and install file?

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Credit: Activision
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November 17, 2022: Warzone 2 is out right now! Scroll down for all the latest information on the battle royale's download size.

Wondering about the Warzone 2 size? Thanks to the poor optimisation of Warzone, fans of the battle royale had to clear their hard drives in order to guarantee the game would fit onto the PCs and consoles, with each near-daily update demanding more and more.


The Pacific era did bring improvements to file size, but it still takes up over 120 GB of space: much to the annoyance of fans. With the launch of Warzone 2 nearing, the Warzone 2 download size is understandably a big topic, and the file size and install size of the sequel is looking like good news for everyone.

With the next chapter for Call of Duty's battle royale on the horizon, the community is hoping the game takes up less hard drive space resulting in a faster download time. Before we share all the intel, check out our guide showcasing the best Warzone 2 guns to use to get a headstart on the opposition.

What is the Warzone 2 size? - Warzone 2 install size on PS4/5 and Series X/S

According to Twitter account PlayStation Game Size, the final Warzone 2 size and install size isn't looking bad at all.


On PS4/PS5, Warzone 2 should only demand around 3GB. If that sounds far too good to be true, don't forget that you still need the base game files of Modern Warfare 2 installed at the same time, which clock in at around 36GB.

That puts the whole package just shy of 40GB if you're only here for Warzone 2, but anyone who already has the latest Call of Duty campaign installed won't see much more of their disk drive deplete on November 16.

For whatever reason, it looks like the Xbox Series S filesize is a little larger but it's much smaller than the first iteration of the battle royale which is definitely promising.


Do I need Modern Warfare 2 to play Warzone 2?

You don't need to buy Modern Warfare 2 to play Warzone 2. Warzone 2 is a completely free game just like its predecessor.

Warzone 2 does use many of the same assets as the 2022 Call of Duty release, however, so these will be downloaded alongside Warzone 2 if you don't already have them on your system.

Because you won't be downloading the cutscenes, voice acting, and levels of Modern Warfare 2, you'll notice a smaller overall package if you're just here for the free Battle Royale title.


On Xbox, for example, a complete install of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 takes up around 72GBs at launch. If you don't own the latest Call of Duty title, though, your Warzone 2 download will come in at the smaller 43GB file size. This is because not only will you skip installing the 2022 shooter's campaign files, but its many multiplayer maps and co-op modes as well.

When is Warzone 2 coming out?

Warzone 2 is set to launch on November 16, 2022. This date also coincides with the start of Season 1 meaning players can get their hands on a brand-new battle pass as soon as they load into the menus for the first time.

With the game launching a few weeks after Modern Warfare 2, it's the perfect time to rank up the new arsenal before dropping into Al Mazrah in a bid to become the last player standing.


Warzone 2 preload date

Like most Call of Duty updates, players have the option to preload them in order to jump into the action as fast as possible. The chances of Warzone 2 having a preload period are high.

Activision states preloading for Warzone 2 begins on November 14 at 6PM GMT.

That's all there is to know about the Warzone 2 download size. Once we hear the latest intel, we will update the guide with all there is to know. In the meantime, check out the best Warzone 2 FOV settings to get an early headstart over the opposition.