Best Warzone 2 FOV settings

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Image showing Warzone 2 player holding gun
Credit: Activision
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Selecting the best Warzone 2 FOV settings before dropping into the action can give you a huge advantage over the opposition in the early stages of the game. Having a better perspective of the surrounding area enables you to spot any threats that would've remained hidden.

As the community waits to hear more on Call of Duty's next battle royale chapter at the Call of Duty Next event, many are already wondering how to change their FOV ahead of their very first matches.


Before we unveil more intel on the best Warzone 2 FOV settings, familiarise yourself with the best Warzone guns so you know which to master as soon as the game launches.

What are the best Warzone 2 FOV settings?

Although the launch of Warzone 2 is still a few months away, we expect the settings used in the first Warzone title to transfer over to the new game nicely.

Once we've had a chance to familiarise ourselves with the game later this year, we will update the guide with the very best FOV settings to use in Warzone 2. In the meantime, the settings below are a great place to start.


Best Warzone 2 FOV for controller players

For controller players, a FOV of anywhere between 95 and 105 is perfect. You improve spacial awareness that a high FOV achieves while maintaining a clear view of any targets that wander into your crosshairs.

The console version of Warzone 2 is likely to have a default FOV of 80 so if you want to improve your game, start at 95 and tweak it in small amounts in order to find the perfect balance.

Image showing Modern Warfare player holding gun in front of fire
Credit: Activision

Best Warzone 2 FOV settings for mouse and keyboard

Thanks to the micro-adjustments you can make when playing Warzone on a mouse and keyboard, the best Warzone 2 FOV settings for mouse and keyboard players are slightly different to those that use a controller.

Throughout the Pacific era, a FOV between 105 and 115 proved popular. It provides huge improvements to spacial awareness alongside the ability to make those small adjustments impossible to perform on a controller.

What is Affected FOV in Warzone 2?

In addition to adjusting FOV, there are two options you can use to influence FOV when aiming down sights. Affected FOV means the view remains constant even when aiming. Many prefer this to the default as there are no sudden movements when locking onto a target.


However, the targets are much smaller making it harder to maintain a high level of accuracy.

The other setting is known as Independent FOV. This causes the game to zoom in when aiming down sights, making it much easier to track the target. Although this is a huge positive, you do lose any spacial awareness a high FOV provides.

It all comes down to personal preference when it comes to using Independent or Affected FOV in Warzone 2, so make sure to try both settings to see which one works best for you.

That's all there is to know about the best Warzone 2 FOV settings. For more, check out our guide showcasing all the intel about the Warzone 2 release date.