How to kill the Sketamari in Vampire Survivors

A battle in progress in Vampire Survivors.

Even though defeating most enemies in Vampire Survivors is a piece of cake, some enemies might become a big problem even for the most experienced players. One such enemy is the Sketamari in Vampire Survivors.

Read this guide, and you will find out how to kill the Sketamari in Vampire Survivors. Most people struggle to defeat this monster even using the very best characters. So, you can be sure that this guide will come in handy, even if you are an advanced player.

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How to beat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors

There are two strategies for how you can beat the Sketamari in Vampire Survivors. The first strategy is suitable for active players who use weapons to fight with the enemy. The second strategy does not include fighting. It is perfectly suitable for beginners. But you can use any strategy to defeat the Sketamari. Either one will not take more than a few minutes.

First strategy

You should use Red Death, one of the Tier S characters, and level him up for higher effectiveness. Use a single weapon and turn off hyper mode. After that, once you have finished most waves, feel free to find and kill the Sketamari.

You can be sure that this monster will die within a few minutes of combat, given how effective the Red Death is against it. Don't worry if you don't kill the monster the first time: try again and you'll soon get there!

Second strategy

Even though the second strategy might sound strange, it works and is perfectly suitable for beginners. You need to become invincible as fast as possible, using a Pugnala Provola build. After that, stand in front of the Sketamari and wait until it dies, soaking up all of its attacks. As you may expect, this is quite a time-consuming method.

Sketamari in Vampire Survivors.
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Who is Sketamari in Vampire Survivors?

In Vampire Survivors, the Sketamari is a special creature made from Skeletons, Skulls, and other scary monsters. The only location where you can find the Sketamari is The Zone Bone.

Sketamari spawns differently compared to ordinary monsters. You should find it naturally in the southern part of the Bone Zone.

The main feature of the Sketamari is that this monster becomes more and more powerful as you fight with it. It can absorb other enemies, getting HP and stats from them. Moreover, the Sketamari has a flexible speed and radius of attack, making it an especially dangerous enemy.

That’s it for defeating Sketamari in Vampire Survivors. Good luck! While you are still here, make sure to check our guide on how to unlock characters in Vampire Survivors.

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