Vampire Survivors DLC Android release date - When is Legacy of Moonspell coming to mobile?

Vampire Survivors Legacy of Moonspell DLC

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The release of the Legacy of Moonspell DLC on PC was one of the biggest events since Vampire Survivors launched, adding a new map 25 times the size of previous maps. While it's on PC, fans of the game are interested in the release of the Vampire Survivors Legacy of Moonspell DLC on Android and other mobile devices.

Below, we'll go over everything you need to know about when Legacy of Moonspell is due to come to mobile, including release date news and more.

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Vampire Survivors Legacy of Moonspell DLC on Android: Is it possible?

Vampire Survivors Legacy of Moonspell gameplay.
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While the release of Legacy of Moonspell on mobile would be exciting, the mobile version of Vampire Survivors doesn't seem to be Poncle's priority.

If you look at the official Twitter post dedicated to the release of Legacy of the Moonspell, you will not find any information about the release of this DLC on mobile devices. As a result, it's possible that the developers plan to make Legacy of Moonspell PC and console exclusive. However, we expect the DLC to be released on mobile devices as soon as possible.

When will Legacy of Moonspell be released on mobile?

While nothing has been confirmed yet, we expect the Legacy of Moonspell DLC to come to mobile devices in early 2023.

The developers likely just wanted to release the DLC as early as possible on PC, with the mobile versions coming later on. As soon as we hear something more concrete, we'll be sure to update you.

What will be included in Legacy of Moonspell on mobile?

Once it is out, we expect the Legacy of Moonspell DLC to be the same on mobile devices as it is on PC. So, it should feature eight new monsters, 13 new weapons and evolutions, an exciting map, and various other changes to improve the game.

That’s it for what we know about the release of Legacy of Moonspell on mobile devices. Make sure to follow the game's official Twitter to get the latest news about Vampire Survivors first.

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