Valorant Gekko abilities - New agent abilities explained

A screenshot of Gekko and his ability creatures in Valorant.

A screenshot of Gekko and his ability creatures in Valorant.

With his unique abilities that could be gamechangers in gameplay, we've prepared a guide on Gekko in Valorant, explaining all of the new agent's abilities. As the new Episode 6 Act 2 is released in Valorant, we're expected to see a new agent, Gekko, who is an added Initiator to the agent roster of the game.

Gekko is the sixth Initiator to be added to Valorant's lineup of agents. Hailing from Los Angeles, the agent is seeming to also have some Latin American ties, as he and his mother can be heard talking in Spanish during Gekko's reveal trailer.

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What are Gekko's abilities in Valorant?

As an Initator, Gekko can help the team set up initiating attacks on site, and flush out enemies from hiding posts and corners to assist the team when entering battle.

A screenshot of Gekko and Reyna with one of Gekko's creatures in Valorant.
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All Gekko abilities in Valorant

First off is the Q Wingman ability of Gekko. You can equip Wingman and then fire to send it forward to seek out enemies. Wingman then unleashes a concussive blast toward the first enemy it sees.

If you alt fire when targeting a Spike site, you can have Wingman defuse or plant the Spike. Make sure, though, that if you're on the attacking side, you have the Spike in your inventory. Besides that, when Wingman expires, it reverts into a dormant globule. You can interact to reclaim that globule, and gain another Wingman charge after a brief cooldown period.

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For the E Dizzy ability, you can send Dizzy soaring forward through the air. This creature will then unleash a plasma blast at enemies in line of sight, blinding them. When Dizzy expires, she reverts again into a globule, which can be reclaimed later on after a short cooldown.

Next is the C Mosh Pit ability. This skill allows Gekko to throw Mosh like a grenade, similar to Raze's. You can also alt fire to throw Mosh underhand. Upon landing, Mosh duplicates across a large area, then after a short delay, it explodes, damaging enemies within the area.

The last of Gekko's abilities is the X Thrash. You can equip Thrash and then fire to link with Thrash's mind and steer her through enemy territory. Once you active to make Thrash lunge forward, she'll explode, detaining any enemies in a small radius, similar to Killjoy's ultimate ability. Like Gekko's other abilities, Thrash can revert into a dormant globule which can be reclaimed later to gain another charge upon cooldown. However, take note that Thrash can only be reclaimed once.

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