Valorant bad crosshair - The worst picks

Valorant player aiming at target with huge crosshair

Valorant player aiming at target with huge crosshair

You've seen some of our cool Valorant crosshair recommendations, and now it's time to see the terrible designs the community also comes up with. From the horribly created to utter useless, there are a couple of bad Valorant crosshair designs that may not help you in matches, but will certainly dumbfound and put you in downright laughter.

In this next guide on Valorant crosshairs, we bring to you some of the worst picks that will make your head scratch. Just make sure to always reset back your crosshairs before any important matches come up.

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Valorant bad crosshairs - The worst picks

Huge Crosshair

Valorant player aiming at practices bots with huge crosshair.
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At firs you'll be overwhelmed by the size of this ridiculous crosshair.

What makes a crosshair so precise is its size. Crosshairs are typically small, to give more screen space to seeing your environment and enemies in a game. Having a massive crosshair like this is distracting, and may give you a more challenging time grabbing kills.

Crosshair Code:



Valorant player aiming at practice bots with barbell crosshair.
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Feel the burn with the barbell crosshair as you try to aim with the thick weight of it.

Not exactly the most aesthetic crosshair design out there, the barbell crosshair doesn't really do much. That said, it will remind you to exercise outside of your shooting skills. It does have a tiny white dot in the centre to compensate for aligning perfectly to enemy heads. However, the centre dot doesn't do much because of the actual barbell overshadowing this.

Crosshair Code:


Five Dots

Valorant player aiming at practice bots with five dots crosshair.
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Don't get confused easily by the five dots crosshair.

Similar to an ellipsis, this crosshair are five dots laid out horizontally. Not to be confused with a loading segment, this crosshair can become tough to aim with, due to its multiple dots. It may help in better crosshair placement and headshot alignment. However, the extra dots are unnecessary and don't really do much help in-game.

Crosshair Code:


The Eyes

Valorant player aiming at practice bots with eyes crosshair.
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Stare back at your enemies with this googly-eyed crosshair.

Staring into your soul, the eyes crosshair is self-explanatory. A pair of eyes stare back at you, and you have a lack of centre with this one. Moreover, the crosshair is massive so you can't escape these haunting eyes. They pressure you to make sure you do good in every match, which is somewhat a decent source of motivation too. For friends back-seating you during clutch rounds, they're sure to be creeped out and laugh at these huge eyes pressuring you.

Crosshair Code:


Censor Crosshair

Valorant player aiming at practice bots with censor crosshair.
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Block out enemies with a challenge using the censor crosshair.

Simply a thick black line that mirrors a censor, this crosshair blocks a player's vision, making it difficult to shoot enemies in-game. There's no exact guide for the proper crosshair placement with this crosshair pick. Its thickness means you're bound to have a lot of missed shots and taps with this one. Use it with a lot of caution, as your estimation skills will be put to the test with the censor crosshair.

Crosshair Code:


No Crosshair

Valorant player aiming at practice bots without a crosshair.
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Challenge yourself without a crosshair at all!

Of course, the worst crosshair pick here is the one without a crosshair at all. There's no further explanation needed, as anyone without a crosshair would have a challenging time aiming. But learning how to aim without a crosshair would definitely make you the coolest teammate there is - that is, if you can manage the lack of crosshair. Hopefully, you can scramble to see the centre of your screen.

Crosshair Code:


So there you have it: some of Valorant's terrible crosshair picks! You can still use them for laughs and to challenge yourself on a practice basis. But we don't recommend them for competitive play, unless you've actually mastered the crosshair you're using. Ridiculous as they seem, these crosshairs do exist, and we hope you use them with a lot of caution.

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