Valorant cool crosshair - Our stylish picks

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Valorant player aiming at target with flower crosshair.
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Finding the a cool Valorant crosshair is not an easy feat. You'd want to get a crosshair that you can brag about to your friends, while still maintaining the top frag.

Since the release of Valorant, the community has offered different crosshair picks for various kinds of players. Some designs help snatch enemy kills, while others are made simply for aesthetics and memes. With that, this guide recommends the coolest crosshair designs that'll make you the envy of your teammates and party members.


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Valorant cool crosshair - Stylish picks


Valorant player aiming with a glasses crosshair at practice bots.
Make enemies look both stylish and to die for!

As one of the quirky crosshairs commonly seen within the Valorant community, the glasses crosshair makes players see their enemies through a pair of spectacles. It's actually quite useful, as it makes it easier to aim for headshots throughout the game through the glasses' placement. However, this crosshair does take a bit of time to get used to as it mainly has horizontal lines, with the lack of vertical ones to help for recoil aiming.

Crosshair Code:




Valorant player holding up a gun at practice bots.
Sleek and simple, the dot crosshair does the job

Simple as it sounds, the dot crosshair doesn't need any further introduction. One just simply needs to turn off most crosshair settings with only the outline and centre dot enabled. The dot crosshair does not have any guiding lines like other crosshairs, so it's a challenge to get used to this. However, it's a worthy investment to get better at aiming at enemies.

Crosshair Code:



Valorant player aiming at practice bots with crosshair.
Cool and sharp, this crosshair could put your enemies on edge.

A bolder crosshair, the shuriken has a fairly small design, but it is quite noticeable with its thickness. It's still useful for grabbing one-taps and run-and-gun sprays in matches. Despite the small centre space in this crosshair, it still gives enough visibility to match up your crosshair against enemies.

Crosshair Code:


Flappy Bird

Valorant player aiming at practice bots with a Flappy Bird crosshair.
Weird as it seems, the Flappy Bird crosshair works with framing against enemy heads.

From the iconic game that made millions of players rage, this Flappy Bird crosshair resembles the pipes from the game. Using it as a crosshair, the pipes frame enemies' heads to get perfect headshots in-game. Its bright green hue also makes it easier for players to identify and better navigate the crosshair during matches.

Crosshair Code:




Valorant player aiming at practice bots with the Minimal crosshair.
A minimalistic crosshair that's standard enough for players.

Seeming to be the plainest crosshair recommended in this guide, this minimal crosshair does itself justice by its minimalist design. This is efficient in helping players with their crosshair placement during games. With its seemingly longer horizontal lines, the crosshair does its job in helping beginner players practice their aim, while also increasing aim accuracy for veteran players. Though in a white colour, the crosshair makes it hard to see players. But you can of course still customise this.

Crosshair Code:



Valorant player aiming at practice bots with snowflake crosshair.
Still channeling the Winter air, the snowflake crosshair spreads an icy chill to enemies.

As one of the most used and imported crosshairs in Valorant, the Snowflake offers a pretty decent sight for long-range duels, It's also very satisfying to look at in-game. Its spikes somehow resemble arrows that subconsciously remind players to have proper crosshair placement to enemy heads to get immediate kills during matches.

Crosshair Code:


As we've recommended you some crosshair selections that can amp up your gameplay and make your Valorant experience cooler, it's still up to you to find the best crosshair that can fit your playing style and aesthetic. For even more tips, check out the Valorant Yay crosshair and settings, used by the famous pro player.