How to use the give command in Unturned

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A dock in Unturned

Learning how to use the give command in Unturned is a great way to get some nice new items at the start of the game. Though it isn't allowed in most standard public lobbies, any that have cheats enabled will let you have a little bit of fun.

In this guide, we'll go over exactly how to use the give command, why you should learn how it works, and how to pick out certain items to add to your inventory. Generally speaking, this is a good way to learn the game or a better way to break it. Make sure you only use it in environments designed to use cheats!

How to use the give command in Unturned

Before using the give command in Unturned, you have to enable cheats. You can do this after clicking single-player or multiplayer and choosing your map. On here, you will be given the option to enable or disable cheats. Alternatively, you can join your friends who already have cheat-enabled worlds.

Unturned cheat box
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From here, press J to open up the in-game text, where you have to type in a specific command to give yourself items. Essentially, you have to press "/give", followed by your Steam ID, the ID of the Item you are trying to get, and the amount of that item you want. You can find the ID of every Unturned item right here.

For example, if you wanted two military magazines, you would type in the command:

/give PlayerID/6/2

This will automatically add it to a spare slot in your inventory, and will go on the ground if you don't have room.

And with that you know everything you should know about the give command in Unturned! Now that you know, you may be looking for more information. If so, here are the best servers in Unturned. We've also got a look at the best Unturned maps, as well as whether the game is cross-platform.

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