Unturned - Best servers

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A soldier shooting zombies in Unturned.

Looking for the best Unturned servers? This blocky shooter is taking the Steam charts by storm, and players are already only the hunt for exciting user-created servers to diversify the gameplay.

In this guide, we'll run through a few Unturned servers that are worth checking out if you're looking for something new. We'll explain why each one is unique and interesting, giving you loads of new worlds to explore.

Here are the best Unturned servers

Read on to see our picks of the four best Unturned servers you can try out right now. We've also added in the links to each one, so you can easily download and add them to your load order!

USA [WarZoneZ]

First up is a recreation of the USA in Unturned. It's a completely separate map to the base game, designed to replicate iconic areas of America with an undead twist. The map is updated every two months to swap in and out areas, ensuring you never get too familiar with your surroundings.

You'll earn resources for killing zombies and players, which you can use to spend on constructing new bases to fortify yourself and keep clear of external threats in this huge sandbox. With both European and North American servers available, WarZoneZ is an intense metropolitan battlefield.

Click here for the USA [WarZoneZ] server link.

Life RP

The Life RP server in Undawn is exactly what it sounds like: a life simulator much closer in style to Grand Theft Auto than DayZ. Ditching most of the undead aesthetic for something more realistic, in this server you can engage in police chases, rob banks, join a gang, or even get yourself a legit job to earn clean money.

The possibilities are endless in the Life RP Undawn server, making it one of the most immersive server choices in the entire game. Mixing all the best parts of Roblox's Jailbreak with GTA Online, it's definitely one worth checking out.

Click here for the Life RP server link.

Falko RP

Our third choice is Falko RP, mainly selected because it's often the most populous third-party server in Unturned. It's a major role playing server, comprised of a Russian suburbia and city converted into a battlefield.


From highrises to parks littered with gunfire and battles, there's plenty to explore - and fortunately, always other players to run into. If you're after lots of combat and vastly occupied worlds, you can't go wrong with Falko RP.

Click here for the Falko RP server link.

That's it for our guide to the best servers in Unturned! For more on the latest viral games, go ahead and check out the Crash Team Rumble roadmap, as well as our tier list.

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