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A helicopter in Unturned.

A helicopter in Unturned.

Looking for the best Unturned maps? This intense massively multiplayer zombie-slaying game is like DayZ meets Roblox, and has garnered a huge audience in the years since its release. With close to 100 playable maps out there, you may be struggling to determine which ones are worth trying out.

In this guide, we'll break down some of the best maps available in Unturned. We'll run through why each one is worth trying out, as well as the unique quirks that make these maps stand out in a game loaded with places to explore and do battle.

Here are the best Unturned maps

Read on to see our picks of the four very best maps in Unturned. Together these provide plenty of variety, allowing you and your friends to enjoy endless fun in this undead-driven hit.

Bunker Arena

The premise of Bunker Arena, a map made by Danaby2 that was included in the base version of Unturned, is simple. Dropped onto a rural island, your job is to be the last soldier standing, making it akin to battle royale classics like Fortnite.

Set with parkour areas lurking nearby and plenty of open space to engage in combat, Bunker Arena encouraged Unturned players to be combat-focused and direct, honing your skills in the meantime. Sadly it was only available as a timed map and was since removed from the game, though you can download a remake from the Steam Workshop here.


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Added during the 3.0 expansion to Unturned, the Monolith map is one of the main base maps in the game. As with Bunker Arena, the focus here is on PvP battle royale gameplay, with the area slowly shrinking to force players nearer to each other.

The main version of Monolith currently in the game is this 3.0 version, itself a remake of the original Monolith found in the base versions of Unturned from its release in 2017. If Bunker Arena leaves you wanting more intense combat action, look no further than Monolith.

A6 Polaris

Things get much larger in A6 Polaris, a medium-sized map that greatly expands the scope of combat in Unturned. Based on a range of European countries and cultures melded into one, there's over 50 points of interest and strongholds to explore and use as forts against hordes of the undead and other players.

With a highway running through the middle to allow you to harness vehicles and buildings like power plants and gas stations, there's plenty to explore across A6 Polaris. Just beware, because enemy players will always be hunting you down.


Our last pick of the best Unturned maps for now is Skypoint. This is available in the Antique version of Unturned, meaning you can only access it if you're playing the base browser version of the game from 2014.

It's worth the effort, though, because Skypoint is filled with POIs to explore. From a vast farm filled with food and seeds to a grand castle loaded with AK-47s to use on your enemies, it's a near-endless trip down memory lane in Unturned.

That's it for our look at the best maps in Unturned! For more on the game, feel free to read up on the best servers in Unturned, as well as whether it is cross-platform.

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