Is Unturned cross-platform?

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The player aiming down sights in Unturned.

With the intense zombie game taking Steam by storm, let's see whether Unturned is cross-platform. Considering multiplayer is at the core of Smartly Dressed Games' hit title, it would make sense for PC players to dive in with console users, and vice versa.

In this guide, we'll break down whether Unturned is cross-platform or not. Alongside that, we'll look at whether there's crossplay progression, to pass your save files across platforms.

Is Unturned cross-platform?

Sadly no, Unturned is not cross-platform. Despite releasing on both PC and consoles, these two versions of the game are slightly different, meaning they don't interlink in matchmaking.

Therefore, if you're a console player hoping to dive into Unturned with friends on PC, you won't have any luck. This sort of feature has sadly never been on the cards, because the console release is an entirely separate beast to the PC version. It's less customisable, and you can't dive into custom servers and modes like you can in the PC game. As such, don't get your hopes up for any cross-platform gameplay in Unturned in the future.

A silo in Unturned.
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Is there crossplay progression in Unturned?

As expected, this also means that your game progress doesn't pass over from PC and console versions of Unturned. While this isn't the end of the world, it does mean if you decide to switch versions of the game to join your friends, you'll have to start from scratch.


There's always a possibility that a future sequel to Unturned changes its stance on cross-platform and crossplay capabilities, of course. Given so many games like Fortnite and Call of Duty allow players on all consoles and platforms to play together, it's bound to be high on players' wishlists for a sequel.

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