Unturned - How to make and find a campfire

A workshop in Unturned

A workshop in Unturned

If you're looking to know how to find the Unturned campfire, you are probably struggling with food or heat. It is a great way to set up a base and, if you have a couple of friends, you can get even more out of it.

In this guide, we'll go over how to find the Unturned campfire, how to build them yourself, and what the item ID is. This means that if you are struggling really hard to get one, you can use the cheat menu to grab one quickly.

How to find the Unturned campfire

Campfires in Unturned are often found in more industrial locations that are built up by survivors. For this reason, if you see small camps that seem made up by survivors, you should be able to find a campfire. Look for campgrounds wherever you can.

Campfires can be found in the barricade section of your building menu, and can be built with any five of the following:

  • Birch Log
  • Maple Log
  • Pine Log

For this reason, you want to cut a tree down with an axe or a chainsaw, where you can grab the logs. Once you have built the campfire, you are given access to more recipes and you are warmed up. It is impossible to freeze with a campfire nearby. You can place it on most structures, though it won't work for crafting when placed on a vehicle.

An underground section in Unturned
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What is the Unturned campfire ID?

The ID for the Unturned Campfire is 362. That said, if you plan on cheating to get the campfire, you should instead choose to give yourself the items necessary to build it. You can choose to give it to yourself with the following command:

/give Your Player ID/362/1

Now that you know how the Unturned campfire works, you may be looking for more information on the game. If so, here's how to play Unturned with friends, the best maps in Unturned, and the best servers in Unturned. For even more, here's how to use the give command in Unturned.

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