How to stop your students getting filthy in Two Point Campus

Image of a student sleeping in Two Point Campus.

Image of a student sleeping in Two Point Campus.

While you're a university student, hygiene is everything - we all know that. However, the residents of your virtual educational establishment may not feel the same. As such, it's important to know how to stop your students getting filthy in Two Point Campus. It's harder than it sounds!

In this Two Point Campus guide, we'll give you some tips on how to maintain student hygiene in your university. It's crucial to ensuring your students remain happy - because if they don't, they can withhold their tuition fee payments and stop your cash flow. Nobody wants that.

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How do I stop students getting filthy in Two Point Campus?

First and foremost, your priority will be to ensure that students themselves have the facilities to remain clean and sanitary. Doing so is a fairly straightforward process. Ensure you have plenty of bathrooms, shower rooms, and sinks dotted across your campus, so students can have a wash as and when they desire.

In the early stages of Two Point Campus, the chances are you'll only need to place a few showers and toilets down. But as your student population grows over the years, the demand for these facilities will increase, so place as many more in as the space affords. Of course, you'll also need to hire additional janitors to deal with any malfunctions. Nobody likes a broken toilet.

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Alongside that, you'll need to make sure students have plenty of places to put their rubbish. Otherwise, litter can easily pile up across your campus, causing an influx of unwanted dirtiness. Try to put one bin in every room on campus, as well as several dotted along hallways and in outside social areas. On top of that, you could hire a few additional janitors and train them specifically to pick up litter, to ensure nothing gets left behind.

As long as you combine those two key methods, you shouldn't have too much of a problem with cleanliness in Two Point Campus. It's definitely something you want to avoid, because if your students end up getting filthy, their satisfaction and overall happiness will tank. That could lead either to students dropping out or flat-out refusing to pay their tuition. Both scenarios will cause a dent to your bank account, so it's worth avoiding it entirely.

Those are the best ways to stop your students from getting filthy in Two Point Campus! As with real life, if you provide teens with the facilities to wash themselves, they'll use them - eventually, that is.

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