How to rotate items in Two Point Campus

Image of a university in Two Point Campus.

Image of a university in Two Point Campus.

Looking to rotate items in Two Point Campus? The key to a successful educational establishment is sleek design, and you can't do that without tweaking the angle of each item to your liking. Luckily the game contains a surefire way to rotate practically anything within your college, ensuring you can have things just as you like them.

In this Two Point Campus guide, we'll explain exactly how to rotate items, ranging from furniture to academic tools. As mentioned, it's a nice and easy process, so it won't take too much before you're ready to adjust your campus to your exact liking.

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Image of the player rotating a VR Platform in Two Point Campus.
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How do I rotate items in Two Point Campus?

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Rotating an item in Two Point Campus is a very easy process. All you need to do is select the item you desire to rotate using the cursor, and click on it. From there, simply press the corresponding bumper if you're on console - being RB/LB for Xbox or R1/L1 for PlayStation - to rotate the item by 90 degrees.

If you're playing on PC it's slightly different, because arrows will appear once you click an item. Simply press either the left or right arrow to move the item around.

Rotating items in Two Point Campus really is as easy as that. In that sense, it's very similar to other sim games of this vein, which put a focus on ease of use so players can customise their area as much as they like.

Equally, it's a surprisingly important feature in Two Point Campus. Especially in the early stages, free space in your campuses can be hard to come by. In fact, there will be several times where you have to purchase whole new university buidlings to accommodate all the facilities your staff and student body will require. Fitting something as minor as a bin into a student lounge can be a struggle if you've already crammed it with items, so rotating things can free up some spots on the grid.

On top of that, as you progress through the guided tutorial you'll require radiators to ensure the temperature is appropriate in each room. The chances are you'll have to rotate them around to guarantee you've got room for those heaters. Luckily, doing so is a very easy process!

That's it for our guide on how to rotate items in Two Point Campus! While you're here though, we've got plenty of other useful guides for this new school-building game. Read up on how to make money fast so you can always upgrade your school, as well as details on how to increase student happiness so you never need to worry about missing that sweet tuition cash.

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