Thymesia Hanged Queen boss guide - how to beat the Hanged Queen

Image of the Hanged Queen in Thymesia.

Image of the Hanged Queen in Thymesia.

Need some helpful tips for how to beat the Thymesia Hanged Queen boss? This bat creature is the second main boss you'll encounter during the main quest and, fortunately, it's a lot easier than the first, Odur. Still, in good soulslike fashion, it's no walk in the park, so come get your tips to beat the Hanged Queen boss in Thymesia.

In this Thymesia guide, we'll explain how you defeat the Hanged Queen. As mentioned, the strategy is a lot more straightforward than fighting Odur. Nonetheless, you'll want to know what to expect, to save countless deaths and restarts.

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How do I defeat the Hanged Queen boss in Thymesia?

Unlike Odur, there is only one phase in the Hanged Queen boss fight. Her health bar goes down fairly easily, meaning this is probably the most straightforward fight in the whole game. However, she has the ability to absorb blood from the battleground to restore health, even past the chunks of max HP you've knocked off.

As a bat-like creature, the Hanged Queen has two massive wings she uses tocut away at your HP. Fortunately, she moves very slowly, making it easy to tell where the next attack is coming from. Just be sure to focus on her movements and you'll have a much easier time putting her down.

Hanged Queen boss strategy

First and foremost, having the Short Dodge talent leveled up really helps. On top of that, building into Short Claw works really well.

The best strategy is to get up close and personal, dealing as much damage as you can. A hyper-aggressive push works well here, but you still want to give yourself time to watch for incoming counterattacks.

Slash at her with your saber until she raises a wing, and then dodge to either side. While she lands the attack and recovers, use your claw attack to dish out wound damage.

As such, you'll want to have the short dodge talent levelled up as fair as possible, as well as the short claw move. Both mean you can zip around her much faster.

Image of the defeated Hanged Queen in Thymesia.
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Hanged Queen boss special moves

The majority of the boss battle will play out just like this: slash away, whittle down wounds, then dodge as she repositions across the battlefield. When doing so, the Hanged Queen will occasionally perform a screech move that pushes you back. Fortunately the sound-wave moves across the field slowly, so you can dodge.

The only thing to look out for is the Hanged Queen's ultimate attack. She smashes into you, dealing an instant 190 damage. There's no way to block or dodge it, so your only choice is to soak up that damage and heal up instantly after.

Once you're able to learn her moves, dodge the main attacks and slowly whittle down the health bar - despite those pesky healing sequences - the Hanged Queen boss becomes fairly easy. It shouldn't take you more than a few tries.

What are the rewards for defeating the Hanged Queen boss in Thymesia?

Once the Hanged Queen is defeated, she'll drop a bunch of rewards to collect. Not only will you get a few thousand Memory Shards, but also two Blood Storm shards, sage ingredients, the Hanged Queen's Core, and a Forgotten Feather. That's what you can use to reset your stats and respec Corvus if you so choose.

With the Hanged Queen gone, you'll warp back to Philosopher's Hill before embarking onto the next area, Hermes Fortress. It's there where you'll go head-to-head with the next boss, Varg.

That's it for our tips on defeating the Hanged Queen boss in Thymesia! For more on the game, check out our Thymesia combat tips and Thymesia aving guide. If you want help in other soulslikes, then our Elden Ring map should do the trick.

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