Thymesia Odur boss guide - how to defeat Odur

Image of Odur in Thymesia.

Image of Odur in Thymesia.

If you've dived into the new medieval soulslike from Team17, the chances are you've come across the Thymesia Odur boss already, but maybe failed to make it over the hurdle. It may be the first you'll come across, but it's also widely regarded as one of the most difficult. Worry not though, because we've put in the hard yards and taken him down, so you can learn exactly how to defeat him yourself.

In this Thymesia guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about defeating the Odur boss. There are two phases to this battle, and while it may seem gruelling at first, things become a lot easier once you equip a few specific abilities.

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How do I defeat the Odur boss in Thymesia?

You encounter Odur at the end of the first hub world in Thymesia, called the Sea of Trees.

Just after one of the various Thymesia save points, you walk through to the main arena of the circus, where this evil, mutated performer emerges. In keeping with the circus theme, he wields a staff to smack you and throws cards that slice through your armour.

There are two phases to the Thymesia Odur boss fight. The first is fairly rudimentary, with him hitting you with a three-hit combo and a kick that knocks you back, resorting to throwing cards if you're too far from him.

The second section is pretty similar, with the only difference being his combo extends to five hits. On top of that, it's in that second move where he can first unleash his green special move, which you'll definitely want to avoid.

Image of Corvus defeating Odur in Thymesia.
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Fortunately, there's a really easy way to defeat Odur that you may not have figured out. As pointed out by YouTube channel The Basic Gamer, it involves the parrying mechanics in Thymesia - more on that below.

Odur - Phase One

Crucially, you'll want to have the Deflect Lv. 2 and Reckless Deflect Lv. 2 talents equipped. These effectively allow you to spam the parry button without worrying about precise timing.

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With those equipped, get up close to Odur. In the first phase, spam parry until he completes his three-hit combo. Then, use the quick claw move (RT on Xbox or R2 on PlayStation) to gradually deplete his wounds bar. Fortunately, when you parry, it lowers his base health, so you won't need to worry too much about leading the attack with your sabre in the early stages. Just let the chip damage do its thing and focus on your defense.

Once you get his health bar down, trigger the first execution animation. Following those attacks on Odur, he retreats, causing the circus environment to get a lot darker. That cues the second phase, which is fairly similar to the first.

Odur - Phase Two

The best strategy is to get up close to Odur, spamming the parry command and instantly landing claw damage once he stops. Fortunately, he telegraphs his attacks very clearly, so you'll always have the chance to stop attacking and start defending. Don't push it.

Rinse and repeat this method and you'll soon be able to trigger the execution animation and defeat Odur for good. It's not an easy boss fight by any means, but once you know how to handle him, it becomes a lot less painful.

What are the rewards for defeating Odur in Thymesia?

Fortunately, all your toils in defeating Odur are more than worth it. Following his death, you'll already have bagged yourself over 2,000 Memory Shards just from the combat.

On top of that though, he also drops a few pickups. Namely, these are two Miasma skill shards for the plague weapon, and the 'sage' ingredient. If you plan on equipping the Miasma as your permanent plague weapon in your inventory, then this is a great way to get some power-ups for it.

With Odur defeated, you can end this memory and head onto the next area: the Royal Garden.

That's it for our Odur boss guide in Thymesia! We'll have more on this one shortly. For now, though check out our guides to Dolmen - another soulslike that released this year. We've covered how long Dolmen is, how to beat the Dolmen Dementula boss, and how to play Dolmen co-op as well.

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