Thymesia save guide - how to save progress using beacons

Image of Corvus walking through a cave in Thymesia.

Image of Corvus walking through a cave in Thymesia.

In a game as difficult as this, the chances are you'll want to use the Thymesia save mechanic as often as possible. With boss battles that can knock you out in just a few hits - and grunts that aren't much less effective - saves will fast become your best friend as you wander through this plague-ridden medieval setting.

In this Thymesia save guide, we'll run through everything you need to know about saving. That includes exactly how to do it using beacons dotted across the map, alongside the pros and cons of saving. This is a soulslike after all, so saving isn't as easy as you'd hope. There's no convenient auto-save here.

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How do I save in Thymesia?

As with most other soulslike games, in Thymesia you can't just save whenever you feel like it. Yes, if you hit the main menu you won't see an option to quickly save your data. Instead, you can only do so at specific points throughout the world.

These are called beacons, appearing as shades of blue within the map. Simply walk up to it and press A on Xbox or X on PlayStation. Doing so the first time activates the beacon, saving your progress. Doing it another time takes you to the upgrades menu, where you can develop your skills or purchase new abilities within the skill tree.

However, there is one big caveat to the Thymesia save system that likely won't come as a surprise to fans of the genre. Each time you save, all previously defeated enemies respawn. On the flip side, though, you fully replenish your health as well as your inventories of potions and feathers.

Image of the player saving at a beacon in Thymesia.
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The decision to save or not in Thymesia can fast become a tactical one. While you may need the extra health and resources, knowing that all your felled foes will return if you decide to take a breather may persuade you to leave it. This doesn't extend to bosses, though. You're safe there.

It's just a case of if you struggled to get through the monsters ahead of you, retreat to a beacon won't let you finish them off with stacks of new restoratives. You're essentially just restarting the gauntlet with, hopefully, some new skills and stats to increase your odds.

Does Thymesia have autosave?

Despite this manual-heavy saving mechanic, Thymesia does have its own form of autosave. Whenever you pick up a crystal or read one of the various letters dotted around the world, the autosave icon appears in the top-left of the screen.

However, this doesn't work like conventional autosaving in most games. Instead of providing checkpoints for you to return to upon death, they're small background saves to keep track of the collectibles and power-ups you've collected along the way. It's just a way to keep anything you've ticked off ticked.

The Thymesia autosave feature will not let you spawn in between beacons or just before your previous death. In good-old soulslike fashion, you'll have to respawn at your last saved beacon, head back to where you died, and collect your memories in a green orb to retain your progress.

That's it for our look at the save mechanic in Thymesia! Though it isn't the most forgiving, it won't come as a surprise to souls fans as to how brutal it can be. If you're moving onto Elden Ring after this, read up on the Elden Ring modder who brought Mario and Luigi to The Lands Between. There's no shortage of wacky works appearing in the PC version these days.

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