Thymesia difficulty - is there an easy mode?

Image of Corvus fighting an enemy in Thymesia.

Image of Corvus fighting an enemy in Thymesia.

Are you struggling with the Thymesia difficulty? This new fantasy soulslike slots right into the genre popularised by the Dark Souls series and, in true soulslike fashion, can be incredibly unforgiving. Bosses will often wipe you out with ease, and even some of the general grunts can catch you by surprise, sending Corvus hurtling back to the most recent checkpoint.

In this Thymesia guide, we'll explain the difficulty curve, as well as look at whether there's a difficulty setting or easy mode toggle. Anybody well-versed in games such as Elden Ring or Bloodborne may adapt to it nicely, but novices may want a helping hand.

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Is there an easy mode in Thymesia?

It'll come as bad news to some, but there isn't an easy mode in Thymesia. There's no way to toggle the difficulty on the settings menu either when you first start a save or midway through. Therefore, the chances are you'll have to simply power through some of the more difficult spells.

Yes, if you boot up the settings in Thymesia in search of a way to turn down the difficulty, you won't have any luck. That isn't too much of a surprise though, because most soulslikes tend to play hard and fast with their difficulty.

If you've spent any time with other games in the genre, you'll know what to expect from Thymesia. Boss battles are purposefully incredibly tough, encouraging players to sink hours into learning attack patterns and countering accordingly.

You can go back and explore previously visited areas to grind your levels and make the fight a bit fairer through raw numbers, however. That's probably the best way to make the game easier for yourself since Thymesia doesn't provide any built-in ways to tone things down.

And don't expect any future updates to add an easy mode or difficulty toggle in Thymesia. We already know that at least one post-launch update is on the way, but that's focused on PC bug fixes and tweaks rather than additional content.

Other recent soulslikes such as Elden Ring and Dolmen purposefully haven't included difficulty toggles and easy modes, so it's something fans of the genre will have to get used to. A difficulty debate always attaches itself to games like these, but those fighting for accessibility rarely get their wish in this genre.

If you need a bit of help in Thymesia, we've got you covered. Read up on how the combat works to see whether there are any new attacks you could incorporate into your repertoire.That's alongside a look at how saving works in the game, which is crucial to preserve your memories and retain the currency you need to level up and bolster your health.

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