How to fix Texas Chain Saw Massacre game code too long

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A character hiding behind a car in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Having trouble with your Texas Chain Saw Massacre game code being too long? Many players diving into the new multiplayer horror game are reporting an issue with private lobbies not working. This seems to crop up when lobby codes are longer than six characters, meaning players can't input the full length.

In this guide, we'll give you some tips on how to fix your Texas Chain Saw Massacre game code being too long. As you may expect, it's tough to find a specific workaround to such a specialist problem, but there's always something to try so you can dive into private matches laden with slaughter.

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How to fix Texas Chain Saw Massacre game code being too long

As it stands, there is no way to fix your Texas Chain Saw Massacre game code being too long. Yes, while the folks at Gun Interactive are certainly aware of this problem preventing private matches from working properly, there doesn't seem to be a fix yet.

The issue was first reported in the early hours of August 21, 2023, to which the game's official Twitter page responded with this:

As such, we know the team is hard at work fixing the game code too long bug in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, but there aren't any concrete details on how long it'll remain a problem for.

Until then, these are the tips we've got to bypass the problem and still enjoy your time in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Close and re-open a new lobby

The best short-term fix is to simply close the current private lobby with the invalid code, and start up a new one. It isn't guaranteed to give you a fix to this issue in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, but right now it's one of the few workarounds that's in your hands.

Give it a shot and see if your new lobby code is six characters long. If it is, good news - you should be fine to make private matches work now. If not, then check the other solutions below.

The private lobby code screen in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
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Fully shut down the game

If that doesn't work, you may have to fully close Texas Chain Saw Massacre down and open it up again. This isn't the most technical of fixes, but it's always a reliable solution to give things a soft reset and hope for the best.

Check the server status

Next, make sure the servers in Texas Chain Saw Massacre are working properly. This could easily affect matchmaking, and may sit alongside those annoying lobby code issues. We've got a constantly-updated server status page you can check out for tips.


Head into public lobbies

Lastly, your final resort may be having to play Texas Chain Saw Massacre in regular public lobbies, rather than using a lobby code to get in with your friends. It isn't ideal, but when there's a problem like this occurring, it's one of the only ways to guarantee you'll still get into a match.

That's it for our guide on how to fix the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game code being too long. We'll update this guide once we have a solution, but until then check out our killer tier list and Texas Chain Saw Massacre survivor tier list.

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