System Shock Remake secrets - What they are and how to find them

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System Shock Remake Secret Skully in Reactor

Looking diligently for a list of System Shock Remake secrets? The first System Shock was years ahead of its time, using a Metroidvania-style of exploration that games like Prey and Metroid Prime would eventually use to great success, with the remake staying true to the original while taking modern liberties from the games that it inspired - including a plethora of secrets you might miss.

System Shock Remake secrets are fairly obscure and hard to notice at times, which can have a detrimental effect on your experience, or even spur you into an otherwise unnecessary second run of the atmospheric thriller. To avoid any tiresome and aimless wandering, we've listed out the hidden secrets you'll want to watch out for.

What are System Shock Remake secrets?

There are actually a wide variety of secrets to be found throughout System Shock Remake. Some of these are story items, and others are completely optional loot and upgrades that you can miss out on if you're not paying attention. Here's a list of the various secrets and what they provide.


While exploring the Cathedral, you're going to be running into a lot of locked doors. You will need the appropriate keycard for each of these locked doors to progress through the story or to gather resources. Be sure to check our list of System Shock keycard locations so you don't miss any.

System Shock Remake keypad
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Similar to keycards, some doors and safes can only be opened once you have their respective 3-digit codes. You can try to brute force it, but that's too much effort. You're supposed to find these codes by checking out various audio logs and USB drives.

For example, the SenseAround module is the only way to naturally find all the hidden walls in the game. All codes, like the Robot Maintenance code, are randomly generated. You'll have to find them in your game no matter what.


These are various modules that add functionalities to your character. For example, near the start of the game, you'll get the Navigation and Mapping unit. Keep exploring to unlock new and powerful abilities, such as Energy Shields and Radars and make your experience easier.

System Shock Remake weapon
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Weapon Mods

As the name suggests, these are modifications for your weapons that can be used to improve your weapons. These modifications include damage, capacity, reload, and cooling upgrades. Finding them all can make you quite overpowered.



Skullies are the team's creepy mascot placed as easter eggs by the team. Finding all the Skullies gives you the Head Hunter achievement. They're usually located in some obscure high-up location and change colour upon interaction, so equip your Turbo Motion Boots v3 and get searching.

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