System Shock remake - How to solve Flow Puzzle

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System Shock Remake Flow Puzzle

Need help solving the Flow Puzzle in System Shock remake? The System Shock remake has finally hit the market and brings with it a lot of new mechanics and changes to look forward to. However, one new mechanic that players have found baffling is the Flow Puzzle.

These puzzles will have you playing around with plugs and circuits to solve them and complete a circuit. However, their mechanics are not explained clearly, and a bit of maths is involved in properly solving them. Nevertheless, keep reading if you want to learn the logic behind solving the Flow Puzzles in the System Shock remake.

How to solve Flow Puzzles in System Shock Remake

When you open up the access panel to one of the Flow Puzzles in System Shock remake, you will be greeted by a bunch of sockets, light circuits, and a bar on the left. Your objective is to mess around with the power sockets, plugs, and switches so that the correct amount of current reaches the bar on the left. You will notice that there are two blue lights on the left of the bar. Your job is to get the yellow lights within this range.

It is possible to get it right after a bit of trial and error; however, understanding System Shock remake's Flow Puzzles is a lot more satisfying.

For this, you need to understand a couple of mechanics. Firstly, notice the symbols on the plugs. A plug with a single blue light represents a one, while a plug with double green light represents a two. They will send that value ahead once you plug them into one of the three available sockets above.

The red radial dials you see are able to redirect the current in the available directions. You can use it to manipulate the current into directions you want and don't want it to go to.

The Blue Switches, on the other hand, can halt the flow of the current when you click on them. Now, to learn the two most important aspects of the puzzle.


If you look at the image above, you will notice that all the currents are flowing to a singular point. When this happens, the conjunction between the various signals will add up. In the example above, we see two 1 signals and one 2 signal joining up. This means they will all add up to 4.



Understanding the addition is important because the second part of the adder will split the current into two without dividing it. This means that your input of 4 is split into two currents, that now give you a total output of 8. It may seem a bit complex at first, but it's just simply math. With a bit of addition and division, you will be able to figure out the System Shock remake Flow Puzzle in no time.

That's all you need to know about solving the Flow Puzzle in System Shock remake. Also, check out our guides on how long System Shock remake takes to beat and if it's available on Game Pass. For more helpful System Shock remake guides, be sure to check out our list of every weapon and all keycards locations.

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