How long to beat System Shock remake

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Neon caption 'Can You Survive' shown during the System Shock Remake trailer.

Now it's out, many gamers are curious about only one question: how long to beat System Shock remake? The original game is renowned for the complexity of its missions and puzzles. Is everything the same with a remake?

Nightdive has brightened up the UI, combat system, and controls. But crucially, did the remake alter the playtime? How long will you spend enjoying the System Shock remake? Take your seat and discover in this guide!

How long System Shock remake takes to beat

The System Shock remake’s main storyline will take around 13 hours to beat, based on the statistics on HowLongToBeat. That's the time to finish the main questline from start to finish.

If you want to get your hands on some side quests without striving to 100%, the estimated playtime will be approximately 15 hours. It means avid gamers can push through the remake even in a few days.

How long does it take to 100% complete System Shock remake?

The average playtime significantly increases for completionists looking to try all System Shock remake content. You'll end up playing the System Shock remake for slightly more than 20 hours.

These estimates are for people who already played the System Shock remake. For the newcomers, the estimated playtime is increased, as stated in the following list:

  • Main Questline - 15 hours
  • Main Questline and Side Quests - 18 hours
  • 100% - 25 hours

That’s because some puzzles are more complex and might require multiple attempts.

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