All weapons in System Shock remake

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The character with a weapon in System Shock remake.

It’s hard to survive in a hostile environment if you don’t know your arsenal, so below we will tell you about all weapons in the System Shock remake. In this remake of the hit sci-fi game, you will need to fight against various creatures and robots.

The game provides you with a solid arsenal of different weapons. These weapons belong to different categories, and today we will also explain to you how they work. Let’s take a look at various guns you can use in System Shock!

The weapon selection screen in System Shock remake.
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All weapons in System Shock remake

System Shock is famous for its atmosphere and the range of weapons that you can use to deal with the problems you face. Sometimes it’s better to use brute force, and the game has a pretty impressive arsenal for this purpose. Here is a list of all weapons you can find in System Shock:

  • Lead Pipe - A simple melee weapon that you can use against weak enemies.
  • Monkey Wrench - Another good option to deal with someone in close combat.
  • Laser Rapier - A cool melee weapon that deals significant damage to your opponents.
  • ML-41 Minipistol - A small sidearm that will be really helpful in the early game.
  • Skorpion Machine Gun - A firearm capable of dealing devastating damage in close combat.
  • Magnum Pistol - A serious weapon that can replace your minipistol. It deals a huge amount of damage for such a small firearm.
  • Assault Rifle - One of the deadliest firearms in this game. It is able to deal tons of damage to your enemies. The only problem is finding enough ammo.
  • Shotgun - A gun that is extremely deadly in close combat.
  • Rail Gun - A weapon that fires explosive projectiles that are very effective against armoured enemies.
  • Grenade Launcher - A powerful weapon that fires different types of grenades.
  • SparQ Beam - An energy weapon that is easy to recharge. However, its combat capabilities are somewhat limited.
  • Plasma Rifle - An experimental energy weapon that deals an incredible amount of damage. However, it has a high power consumption, which makes it impossible to use this device on a regular basis.
  • Frag Grenade - An explosive device that you can use to kill a crowd of enemies. It triggers when it hits something.
  • Gas Grenade - One of the deadliest weapons against organic creatures. However, it has no effect on robots and certain cyborgs.
  • EMP Grenade - The opposite of Gas Grenades. This weapon has no effect on mutants but is capable of destroying robots and any creatures that rely on electronics.
  • Smoke Grenade - A good device if you need to cover something.
  • Proximity Mine - A deadly device that goes off when something approaches it.

These are all the weapons you'll find in the System Shock! Hopefully, this guide will help you understand how your arsenal works. Good luck with your further battle with mutants, cyborgs, robots, and other threats that you will encounter on your way!

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