Is System Shock remake coming to Switch?

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Spaceship with a planet in the background during the System Shock remake trailer.

Is System Shock remake coming to Switch? This question has been widely argued on gaming forums over the last few days. Nightdive has refined the game's interface, controls, and gameplay while retaining the same nostalgic vibe from 30 years ago. It leaves players with only one question about the console release.

Read this guide and discover everything about the System Shock remake on Switch. We'll explore whether the remake would work on the Nintendo console, and if such a release could take place in the future.

Is System Shock available on Switch?

The System Shock remake is unavailable on Nintendo Switch. Nightdive released the game for PC, but it also runs on Steam Deck. This proves that System Shock is compatible with handheld consoles.

The developer also plans to release the game on consoles, but no official release window exists just yet. We'll probably anticipate several more months before getting System Shock on Xbox or PlayStation devices.

With that said, there is a dose of hope of System Shock coming to Switch later, elaborated on further.

Will System Shock remake come to Switch?

Nightdive has no plans to release System Shock remake on Switch. The developers are busy working on the game for Xbox and PlayStation. That's why we shouldn't expect a release on Switch in the next few months.

In the long run, there is a great chance System Shock remake will come to Switch. If the release on other consoles after its PC release is a success, it might prompt Nightdive to release the game on Nintendo Switch.


We hope this guide was helpful, and we’ll keep you updated if anything changes!

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