Super People tier list - Best weapons and classes (April 2024)

Super People tier list - best weapons and classes

Super People tier list - best weapons and classes
April 2, 2024: With matches heating up, it's time to pay attention to the Super People tier list.

You may be looking for a Super People tier list if you're just starting up the game, and we've prepared just that to help you out in this new battle royale title. Read on to see the ins and outs of every Super People class and where their skills rank on the tier list. And, as an added bonus, we've also put a weapon tier list together, going over all the game's guns and what you should focus on when you land on the map.

As some of the weapons will benefit from certain classes and styles, this is a very opinionated list but should give you a place to start. Get in there, try them out, and figure out what works for you.

If you're looking for a little more information on the game, check out these Super People patch notes and Super People codes. Here is our speculation of a Super People console port. If you're looking for another free-to-play battle royale, check out the rarest Fortnite skins and how to delete a PUBG Mobile account in case you're done with that one or just want to start over.

Super People tier list - What's the best class in Super people?

Your class majorly affects how you choose to tackle the map and engage with enemies. Though you don't get to outright choose your class from the start, you unlock tokens every day, allowing you to randomise your class choice. If you get some of the worst, it may be worth using your tokens.

Super People Tier List


Strike Force


Gatling Soldier
Firearms Expert


Shotgun Master
Gas Soldier



Strike Force is one of the most consistent classes in the game. Focusing on speed, their ultimate grants them 200% movement speed for five seconds. As you approach the end of the game (or land) a quick speed boost can help you get the drop on your enemy.

Gatling Soldier, as the name implies, gets a big Gatling gun to mow down players. Although he can be pretty slow, his Gatling gun and ammo-based skills make him one of the strongest classes in the game.

If you like speed and don't fancy one of the previous picks, the Seeker is a solid choice. With a quick slide ultimate and the ability to detect enemies where you land, they are great at finding enemies and eliminating them.

Firearms Expert is a bit of a boring choice but an incredibly consistent one. As you level up, they will continuously get better with their gun, with an ultimate capable of slowing down all enemies nearby.

Though not all encounters will be up close, the Shotgun Master makes use of the shotgun in incredible ways. As well as making shotguns more powerful, the Shotgun Master has increased mobility, allowing them to jump around the map.

The Demolisher class ranks high on the Super People tier list.
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The Gas Soldier is a fascinating class, capable of clearing out areas with molotovs and flamethrowers. They can be a little limited by these attacks, putting them in the middle of the pack.

The Teleporter has a great ultimate, allowing them to teleport in between two points they have set. This being said, your enemies can use them against you. Increased movement speed and less headshot damage is nice but the teleporter isn't as good as it seems.

Swat has the ability to block enemy sight and can clear out buildings but this is a little situational as many enemies don't hide in rooms, they stake out the roof or the forest.

Nuclear is the class you play in the tutorial. They have access to an RPG, explosives bonuses, and, eventually, a nuke. This can be good but it's not consistent and explosives aren't good at range.

Sniper is a class that could work much better but the game is quite quick and people don't tend to stay still. Their abilities aren't as good as they seem as people rush quite a lot.

Marine has an incredibly specific set of skills, generally focusing on water exploration and hiding. This is not great. If you get lucky enough for the ice circle to land near water, you may benefit from these skills but won't otherwise.

Though they could be interesting, playing as the Driver makes you the target to pretty much everyone in the map. A car becomes a big fog horn pointing everyone in your direction.

A Super People class firing an RPG.
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Super People weapon tier list - What's the best weapon in Super People?

M416S KAR98K Scar-H SKS
F2000 UMP9 G3
Mini R X40A1 Vector AKM MP5SD M1 Garand M16A4
Sa-12K PPSH41 R870 UZI PRO W1887 SP686

Once you've decided on your class, there's weight in considering the best weapons in Super People as well. For that, check out the Super People weaopon tier list above. Bare it in mind when you're foraging for new weapons to help you survive.

Unfortunately, so much of what makes a gun good is how it feels. Though you can find all the stats of guns by going into the armoury, you are often better off with a gun that feels good to use as opposed to one with technically better specs.

For these, you should try and pick up all the S-rank guns and try them out to see what works for you. After this, make your own tier list for when you drop in. There's not much use picking up a high-tier weapon if your particular strategy or habits negate the benefits of how it handles.

If you're looking for more free games to try, check out our Genshin Impact tier list, AFK Arena tier list, and YuGiOh Master Duel Deck tier list. There's so much there to try out.

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