Super People patch notes

Image showing rocket in Super People
Credit: Wonder People
April 25, 2023: The most recent Super People update went live on April 13. Scroll down for a closer look at all the changes made.

The Super People patch notes often contain changes that change the meta within the battle royale. Throughout the early access period, developer Wonder People has listened to feedback coming from the community. Ranging from time to kill (TTK) and class balance, the developer aims to ensure a high level of balance is maintained.

With numerous classes to choose from, guaranteeing balance is a tricky task but as the game becomes available for more players looking to get their fix of battle royale action, there's a high chance Wonder People will release plenty of updates in the coming weeks.

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Super People April 13 update patch notes

On April 13, Wonder People unveiled a range of class changes in order to maintain some kind of balance. Here's a complete list of changes.

Update details

1. Class
- Close Quarters Combat Training will be changed to Return Fire skill.
- Return Fire: Damage will be increased upon being hit for 5 seconds.

Skill name
Return Fire

🔸 Firearms Expert
- Mix 'n Match skill will be changed to Close Quarters Combat Training.
- Combat training: Accuracy, reload speed, AR RPM will be increased.

Skill name
Combat Training
Accuracy increased by 15% when shoulder aiming
Reload speed increased by 20%
AR RPM increased by 5%

🔸 Demolisher
- Armor Piercing Rounds will be changed to Projectile Defense
- Projectile Defense: Throwables damage will be decreased.

Skill name
Projectile Defense

2. In-game
- HP restoration items spawn rate will be changed.
- Bandages spawn amount will be decreased.
- First Aid Kit spawn amount will be increased.
- Emergency Kit spawn amount will be increased.
- Item spawn will be improved.

3. Add a new function and costumes.
- Replay function will be added.
- Store selling costumes will be added. (33 types of Outfit Set Pieces)

4. Improvement
- If you are killed before coming out of the personal supply in 2 phase, it will come out in 3 phase.
- If you are killed at 3 phase as well, you can not obtain the personal supply.
- Improve the issue that low-grade weapon crafting materials do not come out as necessary materials when carrying the same weapons.
- Shield, Radial Sensor, and Return Fire will be activated only by an attack of weapons.
- Anti-cheat Solution Improvement
- Improve a replay, kill cam and death cam to show the live pings

5. Fix bugs
- Fix a bug that Lv.1 M16 did not appear.
- Fix a bug that uses teleport while maintaining in scope mode.
- Fix a bug that is sliding in place after parkour when using hold sliding when setting the parkour-only key and sliding key in the same.
- Fix a bug that remained shoulder aiming when using a quick slide while shoulder aiming.

6. Mode
- Duo mode will open all the time.
- Solo/Duo/Squad mode will be available after the maintenance.

When is the next Super People update?

Information on when the next Super People update takes place remains a mystery. As soon as we hear more information about upcoming updates, we'll update the guide so you know everything about changes to the battle royale.

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