How to get kudos fast in Street Fighter 6

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kudos street fighter 6
Credit: capcom

Capcom recently introduced the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass, its own version of a battle pass that players can progress through by earning kudos, one of SF6's currencies. Our guide will tell you how to get kudos fast in Street Fighter 6.

The first Fighting Pass, called Early Summer Vibes, just kicked off, featuring plenty of cosmetics for your in-game avatar, titles, and most importantly, old Street Fighter music tracks and retro games for you to add to your collection.

If you don't want to miss out on everything the Early Summer Vibes Fighting Pass has to offer, here's how you can earn kudos fast in Street Fighter 6.

How to farm kudos in Street Fighter 6

kudos street fighter 6
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Credit: Capcom
Are you a fan of the Fighting Pass?

If you want to earn all main rewards from the SF6 Fighting Pass, you'll need total of 9,500 kudos. However, premium owners can get up to 250 fighter coins from tiers 21 to 30, enough to purchase a new Fighting Pass for free or maybe invest in alternate costumes if you wish.

There are multiple ways to get kudos fast. Here are all your options:

Complete daily, weekly, and monthly challenges

Similar to other titles that aim to have a healthy online player base, Street Fighter 6 incentivizes its users to tackle different modes, in this case rewarding them with kudos.

Challenges are easy and grant the most kudos per completion than any other activity in the game.

  • Monthly challenges give 500 kudos
  • Weekly challenges give 100-300 kudos
  • Daily challenges give 200 kudos

The first weekly challenge of a month gives out the most kudos at 300, subsequent ones hand out 100.

Play offline modes

Street Fighter 6 gives out a steady amount of kudos for simply trying out a combo in training mode, learning a new fighter via the character guides, or simply having fun messing around in World Tour.

  • Five kudos per character guide
  • Five kudos per combo trial
  • Five kudos per versus/extreme battle match
  • 35-50 per Arcade mode run
  • World Tour gives kudos depending on enemy level (roughly 10 max)

Play online modes

If you're dedicated to the ranked grind in Street Fighter 6, you'll be happy to know that there are also plenty of kudos waiting for you after each match.

  • Each ranked and casual match gives 30 kudos, regardless of outcome
  • Each custom room match gives 10 kudos

You'll sometimes run into cabinets glowing gold in the Battle Hub, when you play matches here, you'll earn double kudos, so be sure to hop on those.

So there you have it! In all honesty, grinding the Fighting Pass doesn't sound like much of a hassle if you consider all the ways Capcom has given players to earn kudos in Street Fighter 6.

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