How to get fighter coins in Street Fighter 6

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Street Fighter 6 Battle Hub Goods Shop

When visiting the Battle Hub, you'll likely have run into the Hub Goods Shop. This shop is full of really cool goodies and unique items that help you customise your character. However, you might have noticed that most of these items require an important currency. Here's a guide on how to get Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6.

Fighter Coins are a unique and premium currency in Street Fighter 6 that give you access to some of the game's most unique content. We will go over what this content is and how to get Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6.

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What are Fighter Coins used for?

Street Fighter 6 hub goods shop display menu and cosmetics with prices
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The first use that you will see for Fighter Coins is the ability to use them at the Hub Goods Shop to purchase various cosmetics and gear for your character. Note that these cosmetics will have no effects on the gameplay and are intended for purely cosmetic reasons. The game's system is very much F2P oriented.

However, the Fighter Coin page published by Microsoft states, "FC can be used to obtain various in-game items, Fighting Passes, and additional characters and stages as they are introduced."

This means that while Fighter Coin usage might currently be limited to cosmetics, it will eventually be expanded to fighting passes, new characters and new stages as well. This might be a bit worrisome for Free to Play players as it can potentially lock them out of access to brand-new characters and stages.

How to get Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6?

Unfortunately, Fighter Coins are a premium-only currency. The only way of getting them is to purchase them from the official PlayStation or Xbox stores. They are available in various packages that you can check out here. The price breakdown for these packages is as follows:

  • 250 Fighter Coins - $4.99
  • 610 Fighter Coins - $11.99
  • 1250 Fighter Coins - $23.99
  • 2750 Fighter Coins - $49.99
Street Fighter 6 2750 Fighter Coins chest
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While the current options are purchase-only, it might be possible that a system is introduced that lets us grind for Fighter Coins. This system would be similar to any Battle Pass, including Premium Currency in its track rewards. Otherwise, it could be quite disgruntling to have to deal with the latest content being locked behind a paywall.

That's all we know about Fighter Coins and their usage so far in Street Fighter 6. If you're interested in more content, check out our guides on the best controller settings and our top 10 tips.

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