Street Fighter 6 ranked system explained

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street fighter 6 ranks
Credit: Capcom

Street Fighter 6 managed to tailor to both casual and hardcore audiences. The World Tour is a story-driven mode to ease beginners in, but there's an extensive selection of combo trials and online modes for the fighting game genre initiated, including ranked. To make it clearer we'll explain how the Street Fighter 6 ranked system works.

Once you're done finding your perfect Street Fighter 6 button layout and practising some bread-and-butters in its comprehensive training mode, you might want to hone your skills online while aiming for a high rank.

How does the ranked system work in Street Fighter 6

The Street Fighter 6 rank system is fairly traditional. A blessing for those fighting game players that have to deal with obtuse rating systems like the Tower from Guilty Gear Strive.

They're familiar to anyone that's played Street Fighter V, or if you're coming from another genre, think of them as FPS ranks too.

Street Fighter 6 ranks

The ranks are called leagues in Street Fighter 6. There's a total of eight leagues:

  • Rookie
  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master

Each of these leagues is then subdivided into five categories you will need to progress through to rank up.

How to rank up in Street Fighter 6

Street fighter 6 ranked system
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Credit: Capcom
The ranked grind is real

To rank up, you need to win in Street Fighter 6 ranked matches! Easy enough, right? Okay, but seriously, winning will give you League Points (LP).

How many LP you get is determined by your opponent's rank; if they're better ranked than you, you'll get more; if they're below you, you'll get less.

Depending on your rank, there are certain rules to avoid getting demoted or even win streak bonuses to help you rank faster.

Rookie rank

  • Win streak bonus: Yes
  • League point loss on defeat: No

Iron - Gold ranks

  • Win streak bonus: Yes
  • League demotion: No
  • One time rank-down protection: Yes

Platinum - Diamond ranks

  • Win streak: No
  • League demotion: Yes
  • One time rank-down protection: Yes


  • Win streak bonus: No
  • League demotion: No

Before you start your ranked grind, the game will ask you how familiar you are with fighting games to give you matches with people of a similar skill level during your placements.

You can say you're either a beginner, novice, intermediate, or advanced player.

Naturally, we recommend you don't try to "cheese" the system and say you're an advanced player when this might be your first foray into the fighting game genre.

It'll end up being a frustrating experience; no one likes getting comboed to death! So swallow your pride and take it slowly, have fun, and learn at your own pace.


Another great quality-of-life feature that Capcom introduced with Street Fighter 6 is character-based ranks. The game won't actively punish you if you're trying to learn a new fighter in a competitive setting, forcing you to queue up in casual mode.

For example, your Juri can be placed as Master. However, you might be learning Kimberly starting in Gold. Even the random select option has its own rank!

What rank are you hoping to achieve? If you want some tips to help you improve, check out our guide to Drive Rush in Street Fighter 6.

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