Best Street Fighter 6 controller settings

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street fighter 6 button configuration
Credit: capcom

Street Fighter 6 is finally here. For us, one of the best fighting games ever, filled with tons of single-player content and griping mechanics that will keep you hooked for, at the very least, dozens of hours. We've put together our recommendations for the best Street Fighter 6 controller settings.

On top of playing through the World Tour single-player mode and picking out your main, you'll probably need to figure out which button configuration works best for you. Street Fighter 6 offers both Classic controls, the standard three kicks and three punches configuration, and Modern, a simplified four-button setup.

Below are our recommendations for both, split into those looking to use a fightstick/hitbox or a regular controller D-pad. For more tips and trick on the game, check out our guide on how to unlock classic outfits.

Best Street Fighter 6 button configuration

street fighter 6 controller settings
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Credit: Capcom
Default Classic controller settings

If you want to check and edit your controller settings, simply go to the main menu and select Options. You can individually edit the Player 1 and Player 2 sides.

Classic is naturally a bit more demanding since you require more buttons than with Modern, so finding the correct or most comfortable configuration setting is trickier, especially if you're using a regular controller.

Best SF6 button configuration for pad

Pad players (pad referring to the D-pad on your PS5, PS4, Xbox, or whatever type of controller you want to use) will maybe want to tinker with their settings, even though the initial button mapping provided by Capcom is really strong.

Give the defaults a spin, and then maybe try these recommended settings. We'll be using PS5 buttons, but the same can be applied to Xbox users:


  • Square: Light Punch
  • X: Medium Punch
  • Circle: Heavy Punch
  • Triangle: Light Kick
  • R1: Medium Kick
  • R2: Heavy Kick
  • L1: Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick
  • L2: Medium Punch + Medium Kick


street fighter 6 modern controllers
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Credit: Capcom
Default Modern controller settings

Modern is a bit easier to manage. This is what we recommend:

  • Square: Light Attack
  • X: Medium Attack
  • Circle: Heavy Attack
  • Triangle: Special Move
  • R1: Light + Medium
  • R2: Assist
  • L1: Drive Impact
  • L2: Drive Parry

Best SF6 button configuration for stick

If you've invested in a fightstick, it's only natural you want to get the best experience! On a personal level, the default Classic controls are perfect for beginners since they're well thought out to work on a stick layout.

Still, there are a few tweaks and room for improvement, so check our recommendations below.


  • Square: Light Punch
  • X: Light Kick
  • Circle: Medium Kick
  • Triangle: Medium Punch
  • R1: Heavy Punch
  • R2: Heavy Kick
  • L1: Light Punch + Medium Punch
  • L2: Light Kick + Medium Kick

In our left triggers, instead of having Drive Parry and Drive Rush mapped out, we made it so we can do Overdrive Arts (EX moves) with a single button press to avoid any mis-inputs while doing combos.

Of course, this is all personal preference, and I find it easier to use two buttons for Drive Parry and Drive Rush and focus on doing motions while throwing out EX moves without worrying about pressing those extra buttons.



  • Square: Light Attack
  • X: Heavy Attack
  • Circle: Special Move
  • Triangle: Medium Attack
  • R1: Assist
  • R2: Light + Medium
  • L1: Drive Impact
  • L2: Drive Parry

So that's it! Time to wake up super people!

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