How many characters can you create in Street Fighter 6?

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street fighter 6 character creation
Credit: capcom

Creating a character in Street Fighter 6 comes with almost no restrictions as it boasts a very complete character creation system that will let you come up with some absolute demonic monstrosities or even try to replicate an iconic celebrity or another video game character if you want to. But, how many characters can you create in Street Fighter 6?

With so many options to tinker with, you might be wondering if it's possible to create multiple characters in Street Fighter 6. After all, constantly changing your character's appearance might be a bit frustrating.

How many characters can you create in Street Fighter 6?

character creation street fighter 6
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Credit: Capcom
The character creation system lets you go wild

Sadly, despite what you might be thinking, you can only create a single fighter in Street Fighter 6. That doesn't mean you can't fully customise it, from changing clothes to going for an entire new look, at any given point.

In fact, there is something that Capcom has dubbed as recipes, which lets you save any presets you want in case you're looking to experiment.

How to use recipes in Street Fighter 6

Whether you're looking to import a design from another player or save yours for future usage, recipes will let you freely experiment with your Street Fighter 6 avatar without the slog of reworking it from the ground up.

In total, you can store up to 100 recipes in Street Fighter 6. To access them you need to head to specific areas in either the Battle Hub or World Tour mode, we have a guide dedicated to this so check it out.

Once there you'll have the option to check your current character's recipe, save/load another one, download a recipe from someone else, or upload yours so you can share them easily with a password.

As you can see, while you can only have one character at a time, with these options, it's basically like having a never-ending selection of avatars.

Do keep one thing in mind - these character recipes only apply to the looks of your avatar. That means if you're expecting to inherit different move sets via recipes, that's a no-go.

Also, while Street Fighter 6 makes a distinction between body type and makeup recipes during your character creation process, once you upload it for everyone else to download, players won't be able to select if they're only interested in one or the other.


They can still use the sheets for reference, though, so it's not an entirely useless process.

Try and experiment with different recipes. Character creation in Street Fighter 6 is like a game in its own right with how extensive it is. Plus, remember you can fight other people's avatars in the Battle Hub!

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