How to change character appearance in Street Fighter 6

character creation street fighter 6
Credit: Capcom

character creation street fighter 6
Credit: Capcom

Street Fighter 6 has no shortage of features to keep casual and hardcore fighting game fans entertained for dozens of hours. Creating and changing your character appearance in Street Fighter 6 is one of them.

Whether you're trying World Tour or jumping into the Battle Hub to grind ranked, you'll need to create an avatar. Initially, the idea of creating a hideous monstrosity like the ones you've seen on social media might seem hilarious, but when it's all set and done, you maybe want to revert to a more, err, human look.

How to customize your character in Street Fighter 6

There are many ways for you to deck out your personal avatar in Street Fighter 6. Either via World Tour or the Battle Hub, with both offering a different slew of cosmetics.

How to change clothes in World Tour

clothes in street fighter 6
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Credit: Capcom
Bosch looking dapper!

First off, you'll want to know where to find clothing shops. There are a total of twoin the entire mode, both in Metro City

Metro City clothing shops

  • Apparel Clerk Gomorrah: It's right in front of the Urban Park fast travel point
  • Drippin' Style: Right in front of the Beat Square fast travel point

Depending on when you are in the story the shops will have different clothing available. If you're looking to buy clothes via World Tour, these will come with specific stats to boost your character.

Now that you've purchased a decent set of clothes, you can open your phone menu and select Status, this will display a Gear tab.

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Credit: Capcom
You can change your entire outfit

Here you can select which gear to wear, mixing and matching to your heart's content. One thing worth noting is that Street Fighter 6 allows you to equip gear with better stats, however, if you don't like the looks of that specific piece of clothing, you can utilize the Gear Appearance tab to essentially transmog it.

How to change clothes in Battle Hub

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The Battle Hub offers a different selection of clothes via the Hub Good Shop. These can't be bought with Zenny, the World Tour-specific currency nor do they have stats, they are purely cosmetic.

You can utilize Fighter Coins, SF6's premium currency, or Drive Tickets to purchase all sorts of cosmetics.

To equip them, the process is the same as World Tour, simply open your phone menu and go to Status, select the Gear tab and you're good to try a new look!

How to change appearance in Street Fighter 6

If you don't like the look of your avatar, you can change it either via World Tour or Battle Hub.

World Tour

There are two shops that you can visit to change your entire appearance in Street Fighter 6.

  • Style Lab Beauty Salon in Metro City
  • Doctor L's Beauty Salon in Old Nayshall

If you're at the Battle Hub, head to the Body Shop right next to the Hub Goods Shop.

In both cases, the process is entirely free, so you don't have to worry about committing to a look.

And that about wraps it up! We have plenty of Street Fighter 6 content for you, including our guide for you to master Drive Rush.

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