How to drive rush in Street Fighter 6

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Drive rush sf6
Credit: Capcom

The hype for Street Fighter 6 is through the roof with fans and critics in love with what Capcom is offering fighting game fans with the new entry on this beloved franchise. We gave it a 9 out of 10! You'll need to quickly learn how to drive rush in Street Fighter 6, since it's a big new feature in the game.

After you've done finding a main character to practice, playing a bit of the story, and tinkering with your controller configuration, it's time to get familiar with some of the mechanics Street Fighter 6 boasts. Drive Rush is one of the most important ones.

What is Drive Rush in Street Fighter 6

drive rush street fighter 6
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Credit: Capcom
Drive Rush combos are hype

Drive Rush is one of the most important Drive System mechanics introduced with Street Fighter 6. Its primary use is to extend combos by utilizing moves that are Drive Rush cancellable.

Drive Rush can also be used in neutral or out of combos to surprise opponents with swift movements, letting you start pressure or get some hits in before they even know it.

You'll know you're doing a Drive Rush if your character starts flashing green. The timing is somewhat tight so if you're looking to nail combo extensions using Drive Rush better head down to practice mode!

One more thing, Drive Rush comes with a high cost if you're doing it during a combo or to cancel a move as it takes away three Drive Gauge bars, that's half of your total amount.

Doing DR out of a Drive Parry will lessen how much Drive Gauge it consumes. This technique can be used in combos under certain circumstances; let's show you how.

How to Drive Rush In Street Fighter 6

There are two ways you can input a Drive Rush.

  • During a combo, land a cancellable move, then double-tap forward on your pad or stick, and the DR should come out. Remember to do this fast; otherwise, nothing will happen.
  • In neutral, input a Drive Parry (Medium Punch + Medium Kick or the Drive Parry button if you're on Modern), then double tap forward to get a DR. The timing is less strict here, but remember the longer the Drive Parry is held, the more Drive Gauge it will consume.

There is also a more advanced technique to get a "perfect" DR out of Drive Parry.

How to perfect Drive Rush

Remember how we mentioned that you needed to double-tap forward after inputting MP+MK? Or that doing a regular DR in combos spent three Drive Gauge bars? There is a way to circumvent this.

It's not easy, but there is a way to get a "frame 1" Drive Rush out of the Drive Parry that will let you continue combos without spending many resources.


First, buffer one forward input, then press forward again and activate Drive Parry simultaneously. If done correctly, you'll get an immediate DR that's perfect for juggle situations.

Another important tip we can give you is that, even if you don't practice the 1-frame DR technique, you can still perform a neutral DR (the one from a Drive Parry) in combos. It works when you get a Punish Counter hit, as those extra frames are perfect for setting up your offense.

We hope this guide helps you perfect Drive Rush! We'll have more Street Fighter 6 content, so stay tuned.

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