Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass - Start date, price, rewards, and more

sf6 fighting pass
Credit: Capcom

sf6 fighting pass
Credit: Capcom

Street Fighter 6 wants to keep players engaged for way beyond its release window and one of their plans to do so is via the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass.

Unlike the SF6 Fighter Pass, which includes all characters coming to the game as well as their alt costumes during year 1, the Fighting Pass is more like a battle pass.

Let's find out everything you need to know about the first Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass.

Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass start date

This is how developer Capcom describes the idea behind the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass:

"Playing Street Fighter 6 will earn you points, and once you've earned enough of these points you will receive rewards corresponding to the tier you've reached.

Fighting Passes have start and end dates, with rewards that match the monthly theme."
street fighter 6 fighting pass
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Credit: Capcom
Street Fighter 6's own version of a battle pass: the Fighting Pass!

At the time of writing, we don't know much information about the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass release date or price.

It is expected that Capcom finally unveils all the basics of it on Friday, June 9. When that happens we'll be updating this article accordingly.

The placeholder image for the Fighting Pass page in the SF6 menus states that each one will have a monthly theme, suggesting we'll be seeing them pop up constantly.

All Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass rewards

As we said, we don't know how many rewards are in the Fighting Pass, but we can take away some key stuff from the image provided by Capcom.

There seems to be both a premium and a free track. The free track features Rental Tickets, which you can use to try out an upcoming DLC fighter for an hour free of charge.

The premium track features more stuff, including titles, music tracks, and what seems to be arcade games. Capcom did mention that players could purchase arcade games featured on the Battle Hub to access them at any given time, so this could be the way to do it.

It's also worth noting that the end date for the Fighting Pass set on the still image shared by Capcom is June 21. Whether this is set to change remains to be seen.

The title of the Fighting Pass is called Early Summer Vibes. We'll see if the motif will play a part in the kind of cosmetics we'll see in the pass.

Depending on the contents of the Fighting Pass, community reaction could differ. Street Fighter 6 is a full-price game with a lot of monetization systems already crammed in, like fighter coins, which you need in case you want to buy alternate outfits without grinding them on World Tour, and of course, DLC fighters scheduled during the next year and beyond.

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