What should you sell in Starfield?

Supervisor Lin in Starfield.

Supervisor Lin in Starfield.
November 3, 2023: We've collected the best items to sell for credits in Starfield.

If you are looking to earn some credits in Starfield but don’t know which items you should be selling, we have you covered. One of the most confusing things about Starfield when you approach vendors for the first time is that not every vendor accepts all items. If you are wondering what should you sell in Starfield, we are here to help you out.

Just because one vendor will not buy your goods does not mean that your inventory is worthless. In this guide, we will talk about the vendor system in Starfield and how to get the most credits possible.

Before finding out the best items to sell in Starfield, you should check out our guide on how to sell items to have a better understanding of the trading system. You should also check out our tips on how to hide contraband. We have more Starfield content than you can handle in our guides hub!

The player character floating in orbit in Starfield.
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Best things to sell in Starfield

If you are wondering what should you sell in Starfield, these are our top five recommendations.


Unlike Starfield’s fancy space suits, you are bombarded with apparel and a lot of them look similar to each other. Keep some of the more fashionable apparel and sell the rest if you want some quick credits.


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The main purpose of notes is to let you find out more about the game world. Once you’ve read the notes that you find during your journey, they serve no real purpose and you are better off selling them for credits. Some of them can be worth thousands of credits so you may might be sitting on a fortune already.

Used quest items

There are various keys and quest items that stay in your inventory even after they are used. You can sell quest items that you no longer need and do note that even though they do not give you a lot of credits, they can free up inventory space which makes item management a lot easier.

Mines and Grenades

Throwables are very effective during combat but if you are starving for credits, it might be a good idea to sell mines and grenades. They can sell for hundreds of credits each and give you some much-needed credits for upgrades that you need.


Once you find out which weapons you want to run with and work towards a build, you will have tons of ammo types that will never be used. Selling ammo for weapons that you do not use can get you a huge chunk of credits.

We do not recommend selling items in the early game - you should wait until you have a better understanding of the game’s itemisation. Do note that while some items might be useless for you, they might be used by your companions. You should always check their inventories to see if you have anything that you can give them before selling items.

That is all you need to know about what items you should sell in Starfield. For more content, check out our guide on how the dialogue system works in the game. We've also got a guide on how to change your helmet in Starfield if you are looking for more customisation options.

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