Starfield easter eggs - What we've seen so far

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A spaceship soaring through space in Starfield.

Even though most easter eggs are revealed far after the official release of the game, there is much information, rumours, and interesting comments about Starfield easter eggs nowadays. Fans have even made a list of easter eggs they want to see in the game.

Read this guide, and you will find out everything you need to know about Starfield easter eggs before the game's release. Also, keep in mind that this guide is full of subjective opinion. Therefore, you should be ready to take the information shown here with a grain of salt.


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Will Starfield contain easter eggs?

It is nearly impossible to talk about the particular Starfield easter eggs far before the game’s release. There is too little information about the game and the gameplay. But some people start noticing references to other video games even just by looking at the teaser of the game. Some fans on Reddit noticed that landscapes shown during the game’s official teaser felt reminiscent of The Elder Scrolls 6. It is probably the first pointed reference to other video games in Starfield.

Also, there is a theory that Bethesda will bring various characters from their previous RPGs and other projects into Starfield. However, it is more likely that it will instead make new characters in Starfield, with references to their other video games sprinkled throughout.


But nowadays, it is impossible to say how developers will use easter eggs in Starfield. The game will have a huge open world, so there's plenty of room for subtle nods to other games to keep hardcore fans happy.

Old scientific technology in Starfield.

Bethesda and easter eggs

One of the most important things in adding various easter eggs to the game is the developers’ desire to give fans these references. As you know previously, the primary developer of Starfield is Bethesda. If you look at previous Bethesda titles, you will find out that this developer is a huge fan of different easter eggs that diversify the gameplay. The vast open worlds of Fallout and Elder Scrolls are good examples.


Also, take into account that most easter eggs from Bethesda titles have a connection only with their own games. We can't imagine that Starfield will be an exception. The game will have many easter eggs from previous Bethesda RPGs.

That’s it for our look at Starfield easter eggs! Even though the game is not released yet, there is some information about what to expect. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best free MMORPG games.