How to camouflage in Spider-Man 2

Peter and Miles in Spider-Man 2.

Peter and Miles in Spider-Man 2.

Wondering how to camouflage in Spider-Man 2? Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has been recently released by Insomniac Games, and you can finally have your fill of web-slinging heroes that save New York. There are lots of quests to complete in the game, and plenty of abilities to explore. In this guide, we will take you through how to camouflage in Spider-Man 2.

In Spider-Man 2, you will be in control of the protagonists Peter Parker and Miles Morales, who have unique special abilities. You'll need to use all your powers to defeat supervillains plaguing the city. As you progress through the storyline, you can unlock and upgrade more of your abilities. An important one is the camouflage technique, which is Miles' ability.

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Camouflage in Spider-Man 2 - Peter and Miles swinging through the city
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How to camouflage in Spider-Man 2

In Spider-Man 2, Miles has the power to camouflage while fighting enemies. This enables him to turn invisible and gain a stealthy edge, taking you one step closer to victory.

To activate camouflage in Spider-Man 2, you will need to press up on the D-pad. Miles will turn invisible, and will remain so as long as his camouflage meter doesn't run out. Make sure to take cover when it does run out, as he will be visible to bad guys again. This can be dangerous in situations where you're surrounded by enemies, so plan according to the meter.

Note that you can only activate the ability when the meter is full. The good news is you don't have to do anything to build your camouflage meter back up. It will fill up automatically as long as you're not using it.

A great way to use camouflage in Spider-Man 2 is to activate it before dropping on a group of enemies. This makes for a grand pre-emptive strike as your opponents will lose a chunk of their health before they know what's hit them.

What does camouflage do in Spider-Man 2?

By camouflaging, you can always remain one step ahead of your enemies, and take up a more valuable position before the battle even begins. It's a good idea to take advantage of your invisibility and target your enemies with critical hits to incapacitate them. With the element of surprise on your side, you can even catch the bosses off-guard.

The camouflage ability also comes in handy when you need to make a quick getaway. This helps you escape a tight situation while saving your health. Sometimes, that's the smartest move you can make considering the situation. Your enemies won't be able to spot you running away, and will fail to pursue you.

That's all for our guide on how to camouflage in Spider-Man 2. For more guides on this game, make sure to check out how to find Super Slingshot locations and how to disarm enemies. We've also got a guide for how to find the Spider-Bots, in case you find it useful.

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