Soul Hackers 2 demons - how to get and recruit more demons

Soul Hackers 2 Demons

Soul Hackers 2 Demons
August 26: Soul Hackers 2 is available now!

Struggling with your current team? Then you'll want to know how to get more Soul Hackers 2 demons before long. With a huge Compendium of over 300 demons, it can be hard to know where to start with Soul Hackers 2 - especially as the game isn't specifically a catch-a-thon like Pokémon.

This guide will run you through where, and how, to find new Soul Hackers 2 Demons and get them on your side. For any fans of Persona or Shin Megami Tensei, a lot of these Demons on offer here will be familiar. There's the classic Jack Frost - an unofficial mascot of Atlus - back again, and many more returning to Soul Hackers 2. While the Demons may remain the same, the ways to get them have changed, so read on.

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How do I get more Soul Hackers 2 demons?

Soul Hackers is slightly slimmed down in terms of gameplay mechanics compared to other 50+ hour Megami Tensei games, but there still is more than one way to recruit more demons to your party and fill up that crucial compendium.

The first, and traditional way of getting more demons is Fusion. This process takes place at Cirque du Goumaden, located in the Roppo Realm. Here, you can fuse two, or later three, Demons together to create a new, and stronger one.

Each fusion will create a specific Demon, and you will be able to choose which skills it inherits from the two used Demons. This can result in some seriously strong Demons, and can sometimes have unexpected results with extra skills or levels.

Soul Hackers 2 Demon
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In Soul Hackers 2, you don't get demons from fights with them - they won't start a negotiation with you or join your roster.

Instead, there is a new mechanic to the franchise called Demon Recon. This is where Ringo can send out demons to scout the area ahead in a dungeon. The Demons will be scattered around the map and will heal your party or give you items.

Sometimes, they'll introduce Ringo to a new demon that would like to make a contract with her. As long as your level is high enough to deal with them, you'll get them on your team by giving them some HP, money, or items. If you're too low level, they will refuse the contract and disappear.

Soul Hackers 2 Demon
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What are Demons in Soul Hackers 2?

Demons are beings of other-worldly powers, that can be incredibly helpful - or harmful. In Soul Hackers, there is a band of Devil Summoners that can harness the power of Demons and use it to fight.

These Demons come in all shapes and sizes. Literally. Almost anything you think of is already a Demon. An onion stuck to a cooked turkey? Yes. A teardrop? Check. Satan himself? Yep. The Soul Hackers 2 compendium has over 300 Demons, and can all be fused or added to your team.

The Demons have different skills and abilities, usually different affinities, and can be crafted into a formidable team. The affinities are as follows: Agi (fire), Bufu (ice), Zio (electricity), Poisma (poison), Almighty, and Zan (force, or wind). These affinities have weaknesses and strengths against each other, so your Demon choices should be made carefully.

While there are 30 new Demon types, most are returning creatures from Shin Megami Tensei or Persona games. Soul Hackers 2 is indeed connected to these other games.

Soul Hackers 2 is a sequel to Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, which is a spinoff from the Shin Megami Tensei series of games. The Persona series is another spinoff series of the same games. We can see the clear influences that Persona 5 had on Soul Hackers 2, in the art style, animations, and graphics. The game is less social, and more focused on dungeons than Persona 5 is, though.

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