Live A Live - Which Chapter Should You Play First?

Live a Live - Which Chapter Should You Play First?

Live a Live - Which Chapter Should You Play First?

Live A Live is a fascinating game. Being initially released over two decades ago, it has been given a new life on the Nintendo Switch. If you're looking to know which chapter you should play first in Live A Live, here's what you need to know.

As you might expect, the answer isn't just as simple as picking a chapter and going with it. The game has a pretty non-linear structure and approach to its story, allowing you to start anywhere. For this reason, our advice will be mostly on how we think the story plays out and what would be best for a beginner.

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Which Chapter Should You Play First in Live A Live?

Live A Live is designed to be played in order. You can technically pick any of the game's chapters and the story will play out in a similar fashion. That being said, there are a few things to pay attention to. Looking to start it in order, you may want to pick prehistory first. This is a fine choice but none of the characters in it speak - an obstacle that may be harder to get through if you don't know how the game works.

Live a Live - Which Chapter Should You Play First?
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Every chapter has a unique gimmick or mechanic to get used to so, no matter what you pick, you will have to learn something new. The Wild West chapter is a good place to start - giving you a generic but engaging story to get involved with.

Ultimately, no matter where you start, you will end up in the same place. Take the chapters on however you like and just work through whatever sounds interesting. You do have to finish them all to see the story to its end, so you may come across some chapters you like less than others. This is a point we made in our review, even if we really liked the game.

How long is Live A Live?

The total playtime of Live A Live will differ largely based on how you choose to play the game. There are seven initial chapters and then a final one. These generally take anywhere from an hour to three. If you play through the full thing at a decent pace, it should take you around 20 hours to finish.

This being said, there are a few endings and you can take the game however you like so it is pretty replayable. You can also spend a little more time in each chapter if you want to find secrets and great equipment. It is a JRPG so there's quite a lot to do.

If you really rush through chapters, you could finish it in around 15 hours. You may want to take it a bit slower to fully understand the story and characters though.

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