Sonic Frontiers Giganto boss guide - How to defeat and rewards

Super Sonic preparing for the Giganto boss fight in Sonic Frontiers.

The Sonic Frontiers Giganto boss is the first major battle you'll encounter in the latest game. It occurs just after you collect the Chaos Emerald for the first island, as a hulking tank enemy that'll push Sonic to his limits. Fortunately, you've got the Super Sonic form on your side, to make things a bit easier.

In this Sonic Frontiers guide, we'll break down how to defeat the Giganto titan boss. While it may seem intimidating at first due to its extensive HP bar, there's a really easy way to cheese through it. We'll also tell you the rewards you get for defeating the boss, and what happens next.

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How do I defeat the Sonic Frontiers Giganto boss?

While you may initially be intimidated by the huge size of Giganto in Sonic Frontiers, it's fortunately very easy to defeat. As we'll get into, there's a single button command that renders its attacks completely useless, meaning you should complete the battle on the first try.

Before fighting Giganto, however, you have to climb up it. Sonic's task is to climb along its legs and torso to reach a portal on the top of its head. To do so you'll need to dodge red lasers that will send you careening back to the ground. Search for the rows of blue rings, which boost your speed and get you up quickly.

Giganto boss strategy

Once you've triggered the portal atop Giganto, it's time to fight. Fortunately you've got some firepower on your side, because Sonic enters Super Sonic mode for this battle. As such he flies in the air and can float around to land damage on Giganto's body and head. However, there is a time limit of 100 seconds, so you need to attack fast.

However, you shouldn't even bother pressing the regular attack button. Instead, hold down the shoulder buttons - L1 and R1 on PlayStation and LB and RB on Xbox - to anticipate attacks and parry them. If timed successfully, you'll get a prompt to perform a counter attack.

This is a hands-off attack that deals serious damage, and is the only real way to whittle down Giganto's health bar. Simply rinse and repeat the method until you reach the halfway mark, where a cutscene triggers.

After this cutscene, Giganto fires a string of laser beams from its body, as well as clasping you in its hands and mouth. If you get caught you're in trouble, because it takes a long time to perform the QTE that gets you out of its grips. Instead, use the same strategy as before - parrying and countering - to keep getting its health down.

The only difference in this second half is that you'll have to manually avoid the lasers emanating from Giganto's body. Otherwise, they'll propel you backwards, wasting precious seconds.

Sonic attacking the Giganto boss in Sonic Frontiers.
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What are the rewards for defeating the Sonic Frontiers Giganto boss?

Once you take down Giganto using our method, a new cutscene triggers. Super Sonic heads back to the ground and speaks to Amy, who is still trapped in the digital realm. He's then tasked with heading to the next island to defeat another titan, realising that his friends cannot be freed until they've all been taken down.

You're then taken to a completion screen, telling you that you've cleared one of the five islands in Sonic Frontiers. An achievement called The Beginning pops, and you're sent to the desert island to save Knuckles and take on another titan.

That's it for our look at how to defeat the Sonic Frontiers Giganto boss! For even more on the game, check out how to complete the A Grave Mystery puzzle, as well as how to light speed dash.

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